Parks & Recreation Season 7 Bloopers and Gag Reel HD

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11 Responses to Parks & Recreation Season 7 Bloopers and Gag Reel HD

  1. AGH331 schreef:

    When he keeps walking in saying "Guess what, they're gonna pay me the minimum wage!" and everyone starts laughing each time, I just picture all these highly paid actors just laughing at the thought of someone being paid the minimum wage 😀

  2. sputnikalgrim schreef:

    Best show ever

  3. Wester schreef:

    Nick Offerman makes me so happy. I love that guy.

  4. Xanderpie schreef:

    Get this, they're gonna pay me the minimum wage

  5. OrgyAtMyPlaceNOW schreef:

    what is she referring to when she says she "can't wait for the talking heads to be over"?

  6. MauroMako schreef:

    Jerry savage af

  7. Willibeolder schreef:

    what are talking heads?

  8. Nasty McJackass schreef:

    @4:55 Well, if they weren`t obese they would have been at normal distance from each other.

  9. pga128 schreef:

    Ahmed jupijipadah?

  10. Rachel Fifer schreef:

    Ron's fart was EPIC

  11. Alexis Hitcher schreef:

    Is that all of it???

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