Pat Robertson: Climate Science Is A Fundamentalist Religion

While more news came out today about the planet’s warming temperatures, Pat Robertson declared on “The 700 Club” that the earth may actually be cooling.

Robertson, while discussing Scott Pruitt, Trump’s climate-skeptic nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, attacked climate scientists and those who believe their findings about human influence on the climate…

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Pat Robertson: Climate Scientists Are Religious Fundamentalists

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19 Responses to Pat Robertson: Climate Science Is A Fundamentalist Religion

  1. chere100 schreef:

    Happy (belated) birthday, Kyle!

  2. kay jay schreef:

    Pat looks like he's on his last lap.

  3. Alex G (Dabatross) schreef:

    biggest hypocrite ever

  4. Alex G (Dabatross) schreef:

    omfg i can't believe he said this

  5. lucidity schreef:

    I would believe Pat Robertson on anything he sais about the dark ages, he has lived through them….
    I think he may want to go back to them?…

  6. Leon Sutton schreef:

    Why the hell is this guy still kicking? He's sickening. It's funny how he's giving advice to scientists on how to be skeptical. He's ANYTHING but skeptical.

  7. Joey Purp schreef:

    oh yes, another Kyle shits on pat robertson video. x)

  8. darthsadic schreef:

    Pat Robertson's face looks like a talking mummy.

  9. Angelo Desanto schreef:

    Kyle you need to debate that fuck Milo Yianolpolis. He has gotten too popular again after the riots and your the only political YouTube commentator I think has enough common sense to shit the truth down his throat.

  10. First Name Last Name schreef:

    Just die already Pat

  11. Antny Ciafardoni schreef:

    I always feel a little more closer to God whenever I hear Pat Robertson talk.
    Then he stops talking and I suddenly don't feel like I want to die anymore.

  12. Boycott israel schreef:

    He believes in the Big Bang but not climate change.

  13. healdogtoe2c schreef:

    What is so hard to understand here? A "leap of faith" involves a separation from a need to prove Gods existence, in other words a separation from science. To accuse science of being a religion is to disparage the scientific evidence. Of course Robertson is lyng through his teeth, but calling climate science a religion in no way insults religious faith. Don't understand the effort to make Reverend Dipshit more foolish by taking this tact.

  14. Intelligent Design schreef:

    wow, attacking an old man for questioning climate change. how very intellectual of you.

  15. Jew and Greek schreef:

    For your information, a Papal decree would be Catholicism, not Fundamentalism.

  16. AboxoroxRoxursox schreef:

    Are we sure ol Pat isn't dead and he's now an anomotronic.

  17. Suel Koka schreef:

    That was precious? I want my nerves to be cooled down again now. I was expecting that and still watched him….Shouldn't have done that, shouldn't have done that….

  18. Tyler Marks schreef:

    Relics of a willfully ignorant generation. Just die already. You aren't helping anyone but yourself while ruining the world with your ancient ideals.

  19. Keegan Hernandez schreef:

    They say the earth is round but now they're finding it's actually flatter in some parts.

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