PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (American Sports Edition) | Football & Basketball Trick Shots

Happy Independence Day to all our American friends! To celebrate 4th of July we’ve compiled the very best American sports trick shots from People are Awesome archive! Including basketball dunks, basketball trick shots, football field goals, football trick shots, lacrosse training, bowling and even dodge ball!

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35 Responses to PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (American Sports Edition) | Football & Basketball Trick Shots

  1. Slaying Mqddle Roblox schreef:

    outro song?

  2. Alexbrine schreef:

    I loved the one wi the toddler

  3. King Lopt909 schreef:

    2:52 Best

  4. Webiii schreef:

    I find it so funny that some people don't find these very impressive, and the only reason why is because they are Americans preforming the sport. Lmao

  5. kitty face schreef:


  6. The jerky shack schreef:

    3:33 i love myself some byu bball

  7. Neal Harris schreef:

    Some people are awesome but this music SUCKS.

  8. Mindblowing_Trickshotz schreef:


  9. xxx xxx schreef:

    Opens another cheez-it

  10. Rohit B schreef:

    people are awesome is really aaaaawwwwwweeeeessssssooooommmmmeeeeee thank u guys for making this

  11. The Lordon schreef:

    what is film on 2:45

  12. Mer'ad The Eagle schreef:

    i started doing freerunning and basketball trick shots =]
    and i uploaded my first video about it 😀

  13. Knierge schreef:

    whats the name of the song at the end?

  14. Raymondfbelanger Belanger schreef:

    basketball was made in canada

  15. Cancer schreef:

    Me doing lacrosse trickshots? Haha yeah right.

  16. Kerby Vickery schreef:

    that flip was dope af

  17. TheHappyHopper schreef:

    I call hax on that bowling one

  18. Pixeld Nutella schreef:

    2 of these sports are canadian

  19. Adnan Ad schreef:

    gay music hurts my brain

  20. Ramchandra Rankawat schreef:

    Raju Swami

  21. lukmanhadi sport schreef:

    lol vid wkwkwkwk

  22. Jayaprakash Manikam schreef:


  23. AJIT BHASKAR schreef:


  24. AJIT BHASKAR schreef:


  25. AJIT BHASKAR schreef:

    nic .

  26. AJIT BHASKAR schreef:

    nic .

  27. BEST OF THE BEST schreef:


  28. World Sports schreef:

    abonne sur la chaiine svp

  29. Sports News schreef:

    Nice video i Subscribe Your Chanel, So if you want more videos Look at my Chanel

  30. Aprendizagem de Crianças Português schreef:

    i can't laught

  31. Ramesh Ramesh schreef:


  32. ibrar khan schreef:

    you like arisha

  33. swatantra sharma schreef:

    hi frnd gud channel.subs back

  34. md arman hossen schreef:


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