Just 5min of idiots doing very dumb things that don’t end very well. There is no more to say people are stupid. Enjoy 😀

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14 Funny Pets | Awesome Pet Videos Compilation 2017

From dogs wearing rain goggles, a goat standing on a donkey to eat leaves, to emus running around a farm, these are just a few of the funny pets you’ll find in this funny pets video compilation.

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Dog Encounters Cow

Dog Loves to Play with Bubbles
Dog Wears Glasses With Wipers on Them
Rabbit Enjoys Snow Box

Bears Wrestle on Tree Branch

Dog Falls Off Couch While Itchy Himself
Baby Cow Messes Around
Dog Wants to Play with Cat in Bag
Goat Gets Onto Donkey to Reach Snack
Cats Fight Each Other
Emus Run Around Farm

37 Responses to PEOPLE ARE STUPID FAIL COMPILATION || Just Funny Videos

  1. Mohamed Abdulah schreef:

    These video always make me feel good about myself

  2. Bryan Becerra Figueroa schreef:

    lol nice one

  3. Trisha Lemon schreef:

    OMG that is so funny I loved it

  4. Ste Np schreef:

    Darwin award nominees

  5. jordan bosley schreef:

    everybody to the flop

  6. Mystical fire fox 9248149 schreef:

    and we call ourselve the most INTELLIGENT life forms on earth

  7. Hayden Wyatt schreef:

    It's okay to laugh when they're being idiots

  8. Gymnast Videos schreef:

    I like the last one!

  9. Larry Sullivan schreef:

    Could someone tell me what that kid sprayed onto his teeth ? Thanks

  10. Kayla George schreef:

    It's night time and I am trying hard not to laugh…I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!

  11. Chris Wilcox schreef:


  12. kenny nickel schreef:

    I knew their were a lot of stupid people in this world but I never knew there were so many

  13. undertale Awesome parodys schreef:

    This is pretty much a list of the things I'm going to do if the Earth is wiped clean and I'm the only one still alive.

  14. RiftTheWeird Guy schreef:

    The least I can do is give the guy sawing the tree limb props for taking someone with him, and also the other person for staying on

  15. Game Bred Duramax schreef:

    The kid at 3:56 reminded me of the goonies,
    " Troy stop it Troy" then sparks fly off the training wheels and flys over the ravine lol
    But the fear in this kids face win he New he was about to eat shit was priceless!

  16. Game Bred Duramax schreef:

    Where's the fat guy on the 4 wheeler damnit!

  17. Comedy Group schreef:

    People are- Stupid fail compilation

  18. DAS schreef:

    way to many these type channels now and all you do is upload ecothers shit

  19. B S schreef:

    that cow is so precious

  20. B S schreef:

    what even are emus

  21. Rosy The Fox schreef:

    Am I the only one who thinks cows are adorable?

  22. Alex Drake schreef:

    2:51 Eddie the emu: cartoon

  23. Emani Nunez schreef:

    I feel bad that people eat cows. all animals should be as happy as the ones in this video. :/

  24. ICommentCuzILike schreef:

    thats how the emus won

  25. Lilja Morris schreef:

    0:15 that's why you shouldn't eat cows

  26. zach olson schreef:

    "I am tired of theses mother fucking snakes, on this motherfucking rope!"

  27. Kurliz Makara schreef:

    Cows are really big puppy dogs

  28. Jonas Schiffbauer schreef:

    0:43 Cats reenacting Naruto ^^

  29. Matthys Fourie schreef:

    The cat at 2:07 was clearly frightened and could have gotten hurt. Take care of your pets instead of uploading dangerous clips on the internet because they're "funny."

  30. Millie Warrior schreef:

    Bears arent pets!!!

  31. ςθψβειιγΤΛ ηιββα schreef:

    Finally, a video without a kid saying first.
    Say first, get your asshole ready.

  32. Estrella putri Zara schreef:


  33. CUTE-BUNS! Ishan & India schreef:

    I love seeing farm animals play, it reminds us that they have souls and it helps many people go vegetarian or vegan. Of course my favourite is at 4:04 🙂

  34. KITTY LOVER schreef:

    yey! i am early

  35. swan swanson schreef:


  36. InsolubleToaster schreef:


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