POP Music Playlist 2017

Extreme jazz fusion reharmonization of pop music


AMAZON AFFILIATE LINKS! (I get a kickback, you get awesome books on harmony that will teach you a lot)

20th Century Harmony, by Vincent Persichetti

Beyond Functional Harmony, by Wayne Naus

My band sungazer’s cover of Jason Derulo that has way, way too many chords.

Knower’s kickass cover of Promises. I cannot overstate my love of this band.

PDF of examples from today’s lesson


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20 Responses to POP Music Playlist 2017

  1. Omer Tabach schreef:

    "Extreme jazz fusion reharmonization of pop music", or, How I got tricked into hearing the first few bars of 'Shape of You' about 1000 times.

  2. TacoTacoTacoTaco schreef:

    If you like this, you're probably not a fan of music theory.

  3. TacoTacoTacoTaco schreef:

    *Compares John Coltrane to Nero. Crinnnnngggggeeeee.

  4. BuburAyam schreef:

    I was always fascinated by reharmonization and how to add chords into most (if not every) notes of a song (especially jazzy ones where it has less notes for melody). BTW, what program do you use to compose notation? I would love to experiment with reharmonization and chords and if the notation program you use work like I expected, it would be a great help. :).

  5. vladimir yakemenko schreef:

    That's incredible. Thank you for showing books.
    Hope to see more ~general music theory videos like this, to summarize or guide self-education for illitirates out there (here)!

  6. whiterottenrabbit schreef:

    Mac speakers… GTFO!

  7. KatzMangge schreef:

    You can't escape the lick..

  8. Neil Huybregts schreef:

    Wow. What a joy to stumble upon people who enjoy applying their brains to art. Didn't understand most of it, but happy to soak up the trickle that made it past my ignorance.

  9. tpickles schreef:

    Jeff Goldblum knows.

  10. William Day schreef:

    Holy shit, I just realised he's not saying "I like the big tone bass guitar" at the start

  11. Christian De Leon schreef:

    Great stuff you have in this channel man. Thanks for posting it.

  12. TheBjern schreef:

    Great video, it got me inspired to get started composing again.

  13. Brendan Hengle schreef:

    Wow, probably one of the best theory videos I've ever seen. Subbed

  14. MrBrynstar schreef:

    this video really explained exactly what I wanted to know. keep it up man, you got yourself another sub

  15. a guy called Smith schreef:

    That ASIP clip was golden haha!

  16. Antti Pitkänen schreef:

    Man your content just keeps getting better and better, this video is pure gold!

  17. Impromptu schreef:

    Pick Your Song… Well, ingenuity can take you a long way and it's always worth experimenting, but I don't think it's unfair to say that a lot of modern pop tunes don't really have enough meat on their bones to make this sort of approach worthwhile. Which is not to say that they're not damn good at being what they are.
    Slash chords and polychords work particularly well with pop reharms. They allow you to imply the triadic spirit of pop and the extensiony spirit of jazz simultaneously.
    Nice to see a well-thumbed Persichetti there…

  18. Ming Lian schreef:

    this is the best youtube vid in my life.

  19. Doctor Zoidberg schreef:


  20. Jc2112 schreef:

    This was so good that I had to comment about how good it was.

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