Pop Music | Smooth Jazz Saxophone | Jazz Instrumental Music for Relaxing, Dinner, Download | 1 Hour

Some of the best pop music ever came out of the 60’s and 70’s, and it makes great pop jazz, smooth jazz saxophone background instrumental music. Check out this 1 hour mix of great pop instrumental music:

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00:00:09 – 0:05:10 Where Is The Love?
00:05:13 – 0:09:32 Groovin’ (On A Sunday Afternoon)
00:09:35 – 0:15:25 I’m Your Puppet
00:15:28 – 0:21:03 Let’s Get It On
00:21:06 – 0:25:16 Fallin’
00:25:19 – 0:29:40 Let’s Stay Together
00:29:43 – 0:35:15 Sexual Healing
00:35:18 – 0:41:35 Ain’t No Woman (Like The One I Got)
00:41:38 – 0:47:07 If You Don’t Know Me By Now
00:47:10 – 0:52:08 Tears In Heaven
00:52:11 – 0:58:38 This Masquerade
00:58:41 – 1:05:17 Use Me
01:05:20 – 1:10:31 You’ve Got A Friend
01:10:34 – 1:13:29 I Can’t Make You Love Me
01:13:32 – 1:17:54 Ain’t No Sunshine (When She’s Gone)

Everyone agrees that jazz instrumental music is so relaxing. It’s the same with pop instrumental. And everyone agrees that jazz music is better when it includes jazz saxophone.

Why not take some of the greatest pop songs ever written and record them as smooth jazz instrumental music? Ok – I did, and here they are, 1 hour of them.

You’re going to love these songs for dinner music, studying music, relaxation music, sexy music; instrumental music for anytime and any place you need it mellow.


~Dr. SaxLove


Dr. SaxLove specializes in smooth jazz instrumental background music. His music is intended for relaxation, study music, dinner music, gaming, sensual times, and any time. Chill saxophone music always sounds good.

This is the music of saxophonist Mark Maxwell:

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36 Responses to Pop Music | Smooth Jazz Saxophone | Jazz Instrumental Music for Relaxing, Dinner, Download | 1 Hour

  1. Mme Oudich schreef:

    ôh qelle belle chanson I LOVE IT

  2. Magaly Kossman schreef:

    I love it… thank you Dr. SaxLove

  3. Kelvin Taylor schreef:


  4. Lotusblume Frangipani schreef:

    love it , continue this way – thanks a lot

  5. Ave Negra schreef:

    maravilloso felicidades Dr saxlove saludos desde Salamanca Gto

  6. Akoli Penoukou schreef:

    Dr Sax, I'm getting healed with your recipe! Thanks for sharing. You're great!

  7. Lendovisk schreef:

    Drinking my Coffee, in this cold afternoon and doing my job. Oh Lord, thank You for this channel…
    A huge hug of your friend from Brasília, Brasil.

  8. magosiro ueda schreef:

    Than you so mach . I m relaxing.I love JAZZ.I play altosax TOO.

  9. Carol Rivers schreef:

    ( ;

  10. VAG3M'S schreef:


  11. Mariae schreef:

    Con esa musica seria ideal vivir mucho tiempo

  12. Daniel Motlanthe schreef:

    If it wasn't for this channel i would be insane, keep doing what you do, Jazz is great but when Jazz is played by a great musician , its magic. can't stop listening to all this glorious compilation. your music is literally the only thing i listen to from morning till i leave the office in the evening. i would like to give you a playlist and then you Jazz it up and put it on your channel

  13. YORKY ALMONTE schreef:


  14. sharan const schreef:

    pop, this pop popped into my jam, nice work

  15. Colin Vaname schreef:

    One of the best all round Sax Jazz, thank you for sharing it.

  16. Celeniu16 schreef:


  17. Hernando Giraldo schreef:

    Acabo de llegar a tu música ….que buena suerte la mía … que delicia… que descanso… acá me quedo…. gracias ! Desde Bogotá …

  18. Irene Berger schreef:

    Estó es música !!! Un deleite . . .

  19. Romane Carrier schreef:

    I like that ! Mix is perfect !

  20. Redrum Murder schreef:

    Jeder 2. Mix fängt mit Faded an… -.-

  21. Kathy Solis schreef:

    la mejor musica ❤

  22. Im_chxse schreef:

    Was ist bei den Tausend Leuten falsch gelaufen die disliked haben. So nen sicker mix. Mache weiter so

  23. Dice prevailZ schreef:

    song at 40:00??????

  24. Aryo schreef:

    its very good
    you are god

  25. the_cool_girl schreef:

    whats what song name ( 17.00) ?

  26. Aiden Cox schreef:

    Roses are red violets are blue, I clicked for the thumbnail and so did you

  27. Liam schreef:

    everyone came for the Thumbnail.

  28. Elite Global Offenders schreef:

    Hi DjekkiMusic ! I wanna use this remix in my gaming streams 🙂
    Tell me a social platform where I can talk to you and get your permission for using this.

  29. Shanaya sharma schreef:

    Can I get a like for no reason? Or has this excuse been used before?

  30. Kid Tiger schreef:

    this is supposed to be electro? this is some cheap mainstream shit

  31. Las Locuras De Lua!! schreef:

    My favorite is: "The Monster" Rihana

  32. Las Locuras De Lua!! schreef:

    OMG the good music this is detected
    (Perdón si escribí mal, lo que pasa es que recien empeze a aprender ingles, soy de América latina ) THANK YOU


    Nice stuff mate.. -TRS-Records

  34. Josh Grant schreef:

    yo bro … spotify … you gots to get on it… to much data use up in ere… make it a priority

  35. HeyItsJ schreef:

    I absolutely love this remix!!!!!!!!!

  36. Nicole Lisinki schreef:

    melhores músicas ❤❤❤

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