Pop Music Videos Playlist | 2017

Pop music
by ejmc

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NESE 倪子岡
Weibo: 倪子冈NESE

Rose Liu 劉明湘
Weibo: 刘明湘_Rose

Victor 劉偉德

Elisa Lin 林依霖

Downtown Music 當道音樂
E-MAIL: downtown.music.tw@gmail.com

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Shot by: Anhban Tran
Edited by:
Video Rating: / 5

18 Responses to Pop Music Videos Playlist | 2017

  1. protomanexe23 schreef:

    Damn Nese is such a throwback to my high school days. U Got Me was one of the most played tracks.

  2. rjizzal4444 schreef:

    Y'all niggas must be stopped

  3. Tyler Luu schreef:

    I want to be a barber

  4. Qing 24K schreef:

    jay chou 4 life!!!

  5. Sarah J Lee schreef:

    I like them all about the food videos but unluckily music! really? sucks bro sorry to say this
    especially that gay look alike dope boy haha~~!!!

  6. Alex Mathew Mendoza schreef:

    The Fung Bros are epitomizing what it looks like when you bring your non-artist friends to the studio and they just fuck around while everyone else is working.

  7. Izzuddin Idris schreef:

    jay park

  8. 2cRuCiaL schreef:

    Not today

  9. TKNlesliee schreef:

    8:42 for the cringyness

  10. Sofia Selmo schreef:

    bts aka kpop

  11. Lil H schreef:

    this was cringe……

  12. Abraham Diaz schreef:

    Anybody know any good, easy to understand channels, about fl studio for first timers

  13. AbsolutelyLin schreef:

    The last part is so cringe

  14. regy yap schreef:

    pretty fast computer: shows mac facepalm

  15. Jonathan Jiang schreef:

    where David's T-shirt from?

  16. UNGUARDABLE 1FIVE schreef:

    you guys got Nese on this

  17. BloodPvP schreef:

    i want to become a pornstar

  18. SUMO GEE schreef:

    That beat lit af…!!!

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