Portal 2 Co-op. For science – Часть 1.

Bill Nye uses the power of Twitter to answer some common science questions.

Check out Bill’s new show on Netflix “Bill Nye Saves The World” premiering April 21st!

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Bill Nye Answers Science Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Starring: Bill Nye

26 Responses to Portal 2 Co-op. For science – Часть 1.

  1. Канал На донышке schreef:

    супер , молодцы

  2. Влад Дьяченко schreef:

    Я 16 лайк

  3. Крипер Мастер schreef:

    и почему вас так долга небыло

  4. 99percentrussia schreef:

    Привет всем, пипл))) Как настроение?)

  5. галина талах schreef:

    я 1-ая

  6. Jana Jasenovica schreef:

    мой лайк первый

  7. Jana Jasenovica schreef:

    Лол я 4

  8. Mr. Getreger schreef:

    я 1

  9. Decio Leonardo schreef:


  10. Mason Price schreef:

    Science rules

  11. Connor Muhluer schreef:

    Bill is a peadophille satanist peddling the elitist agenda him and is pervert friends days are numbered hey Bill

  12. Treblegirl schreef:

    To the people saying Bill isn't a scientist: Maybe you should reel back your cognitive dissonance enough to realize that not only did Bill invent the hydraulic resonance suppressor tube for Boeing 747's, he also earned honorary doctorate of science degrees from 5 different colleges as well as a number of other high praise honors. You all are so fixated on only the mechanical engineer part that you've blinded yourselves to the other obvious qualifications that he has.

  13. Kayla Stacey schreef:

    Lil Poundcake!!!

  14. Dr Gravity schreef:

    I have a question:

    Time stops for anything travelling at the speed of light and it can only travel through​ space not  through time. Light travels at the speed of light so how can light travel in time. Light takes time to reach from sun to earth so how can light get time to reach from sun to earth?
    Please answer my question, I'm very curious about it.

  15. KTMs 1 schreef:

    Bill Nye says the Evidence of Global Warming, please………………

  16. C. W. schreef:

    Good presentations, but too much common non-scientific non-sense. So fitting the mass well. 8)

  17. HypergeometricTest schreef:

    "Acupuncture has no value to it" Bullshit. Bill Nye has gone senile.

  18. Wow schreef:

    Bill Nye is no longer a scientist

  19. Jeremy Tan schreef:

    He looks like sherlock holmes (benedict cumberbatch) when he's old.

  20. Liam schreef:

    What's the gender spectrum

  21. Ryley W schreef:

    I liked watching the Bill Nye the science guy movies in school good to see him again after like 5 years last time I seen one was in grade 9

  22. Ipostle schreef:

    Years of stupid running the country and now we're out from underneath neocon rule and it's fake science. An hour ago Big Oil became the fake media's friend because they claimed they profitted from the Paris Agreement. Now that Trump pulled out it can again becomes Big Oil's fault. How does it feel to be the Loser?

  23. kumikey schreef:

    I love how "real" and stand up his answer are.

  24. Carlos Santana schreef:

    He is not a scientist! People come on! Do your research! If you are looking for credibility he has no basis. He has no degree that labels him or credits him as a scientist.

  25. money boss schreef:

    OMG these science question are basics

  26. Trollsey schreef:

    fakke fucker

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