Raptors Highlights: Big Science Cleans The Glass – February 27, 2017

Jonas Valanciunas grabs the offensive rebound and flushes it down inside the paint.
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Video Rating: / 5

23 Responses to Raptors Highlights: Big Science Cleans The Glass – February 27, 2017

  1. 1v9GOAT schreef:

    stop with the big science bullshit, thanks

  2. Jordan Colby schreef:

    He is a "BIG" something..

  3. Coraga 1 schreef:

    Note: Drake gave JV the "Big Science" nickname why? i dunno ask Drake and what he was smoking that day πŸ˜‰

  4. Fadi Hannouche schreef:

    Why Big Science?

  5. Tajeshan Grewal schreef:

    Demar looking like oops I did it again

  6. Angelique Mendiola schreef:


  7. Connor Elliott schreef:


  8. Shyann1 schreef:

    I just the other day googled silicon, and that comes from graphene,Β  Graphene is the most newest
    big thing that are going to be used, it is very high technology.Β  I would invest in it w a stock broker
    if a had enough money. She was a good speaker so πŸ˜›

  9. Circuit7Active schreef:

    unsubscribing to this plagaristic channel

  10. mike casanave schreef:

    26:00 BOOM! the camera operator finally gets his/her, probably some one in love with the speaker. Or smoking a joint, or just plain uninterested in the subject. Love to find this cunt and a smart belt in the mouth to relieve this anger I am felt to feel because of this fucked up camera work ARRRRRRRGGGGGVGGGGGFUCK!

  11. mike casanave schreef:

    Camera operator needs a heads up on keeping up with the speaker. Focus more on speaker when the speaker is referring to a diagram on the screen is beyond comprehension, or sanity.

  12. plsdont schreef:


  13. Stephen Lawson schreef:

    She has made a fascinating subject very boring..

  14. brooklynstudy schreef:

    This is the perfect video to fall asleep by… Especially the white-bearded guy starting at 10:30 sec, he's the ultimate narcoleptic prognosticator.

  15. Oshiomhole Ugly_Ape schreef:

    one of those Trump wants to deport and keep away from USA, leaving low life , sister fucking , trailer Trash Population running around, looking for people to blame for their low life natures.

  16. Bro Brah schreef:

    will never get a public release in our lifetimes if your mid twenties now. smh what a shame that we have to be technologically held back…

  17. Tactical Lizard schreef:

    That nose tho…

  18. James Enos schreef:

    if it was'ent for that nose.

  19. dave yyc schreef:

    this channel is awful.

  20. Mark James schreef:

    The man at the 13th minute. He speaks in incomprehensible liberal hypothetical-speak. I wonder if he can even work on his own car. I do not even know what he said.

  21. Adrian Shaw schreef:

    Why would they let this person speak. Clueless!

  22. Peter Frazier schreef:

    don't thing so

  23. Hakan Dilan schreef:

    is she talking to herself , in front of empty chairs?

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