Red Dead Redemption – Bloopers, Glitches & Silly Stuff 3

by km6xo

YouTuber Ben Buja is back again, this time with the Rockstar classic Red Dead Redemption.

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33 Responses to Red Dead Redemption – Bloopers, Glitches & Silly Stuff 3

  1. Cody Darr schreef:

    gg Game

  2. British Taxi schreef:

    god i miss this game soo much 🙁

  3. AsianGamerBro schreef:

    Red Dead Glitchdemption…

  4. LaughNow CryLater schreef:

    Wow a good video from machinima who would be thought

  5. LP Guy schreef:

    Maschimanina is daing cos dat no one likes sem ay layke sem zoe Matsch dat aey hätte
    sem bei hombowl hala beush seuit tauieun

  6. HeyItsNico schreef:

    Graphics are still amazing even then.

  7. Ken Smith schreef:

    Rockstar remaster and release this for PS4, XB1 and PC please!!!

  8. Ririn Collin Wing schreef:

    the game playstation now stole from the store

  9. Wally West schreef:

    this shit never happens to me wtf lol

  10. Cool Maniac schreef:

    I want a remastered version for the PS4

  11. Mika Chi schreef:


  12. Adam Čech schreef:

    took ya 7 fuckin years but fuck it lets go!

  13. AMG x BOWMAN schreef:


  14. Days of Dennis schreef:

    Graphics still look great 🙂

  15. UncleJemima59 schreef:

    Best game ever

  16. Shmoke iT schreef:

    3rd? Daaaamn I remember loving the first two back when I was in middle school lol

  17. UnderAgeMage schreef:

    3rd jeej

  18. Aonic Talks schreef:

    almost first lol

  19. Dayboss schreef:

    First like hell yeah

  20. Yhara kalasahan schreef:

    hahahha cute nila

  21. Krismel Eighteen schreef:

    Hanggang bloopers nakakakilig ang #KenBie

  22. jssi soshi schreef:

    yahahahaha ! ang cute ni Jai tumawa eh ! haha

  23. avel ries schreef:

    more bloopers pa



  25. Giemey Alcedo schreef:

    Cute ni andoy… jakbie 🙂

  26. Gene Jetaime Ponio schreef:

    more pleeeeease! 🙂

  27. prue angelica dela rosa schreef:

    omg ang cute nila mag take

  28. Dannaya Roberto schreef:

    Na-op tuloy si Toti sa inyo, Yuan at Billie!

  29. Made for more schreef:

    I can watch Ivan laugh and smirk all day.

  30. PreetyForever 101 schreef:

    Si Ethan at Andoy HAHAHAHAH

  31. Mary Angelica Gomez schreef:

    ang cute naman

  32. Angie Lou Binas schreef:

    I love kenbie

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