Rocket Launch Failures Compilation

Rocket Launch Failures Compilation

32 minutes of NASA and other Space programs failures, from 1940s to 2010s , satellites or ICBM.

V2, Vanguard TV3, Explorer S-1, Redstone 1, Titan I, Titan II, Titan IV, Atlas, Atlas-Centaur, N1, Delta, Delta III, Foton, Soyuz, Long March, Zenith, Space Shuttle Challenger, and more

Edited by Fabio Baccaglioni

All videos from public domain, use and share 😉
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34 Responses to Rocket Launch Failures Compilation

  1. mep41376 schreef:

    This makes me appreciate the endless hours of trial and error in a very complex, difficult and fascinating discipline – rocket science..just years after these tests, US and Russia were landing on other planets and touring the outer solar system…pretty amazing.

  2. squeeth schreef:

    Spoilt by music, let the rockets do the talking.

  3. [SPS] Barbarossa schreef:

    It's pretty enjoyable looking at this while having the thunderbirds theme in the background.

  4. The Nerdy Unicorn schreef:

    So………32:00 minutes of destruction. Nice way to spend my afternoon.

  5. nick schreef:

    KSP…RSS + RO…not easy…but we'll get there 🙂

  6. purps68 schreef:

    Please please please can you update this video with the music from the old Rocket launch Failures compilation? My Autistic Son LOVES this video and watches it at least 5 times a day, but he cannot get used to the new music and has been really upset with the change 🙂

  7. Varun B schreef:

    The worst thing is you are seeing the take off and the rocket turns towards you….

  8. jmr1068204 schreef:

    11:24 Bird: WTF is going on??? The whole world is blowing up!!! Fly, fly, fly!!!

    31:01 I like the old guy running and the random " S—! " out of nowhere…haha

  9. Dinu cv schreef:

    why a sad music .ok if it was your money that used to build these rockets

  10. Burn451 schreef:

    North Korea: Heavy breathing

  11. Robert Slugg schreef:

    Makes you wonder what really blew up in Tianjin China, and who blew it up. just sayin

  12. joe humber schreef:

    31:45 holy fuck!!!!

  13. MegamanElric16 schreef:

    Well, at least the Mercury-Redstone didn't explode.

  14. Russ H. schreef:

    Awesome compilation of video, but why the depressing music? These are basically just experiments that didn't go as planned (with the exception of the challenger, of course, and that part of this video shouldn't have any music at all. It should just be a moment of silence for those that lost their lives.)

  15. Adam Malek schreef:

    Thans for crushing My dream._.

  16. tobias merz schreef:

    dump people 28:30

  17. Christine Phillips schreef:

    this proves it's possible that north korea may nuke themselves.

  18. Delta Frost schreef:

    this is sad

  19. Keating Simons schreef:

    ALL is WELL.

  20. Ahmed Sami schreef:

    اللي جاي من عساف العساف لايك

  21. purgruv schreef:

    Coca-Cola BLak was amazing! I miss it! BRING IT BACK!!!!

  22. Hunter Rodrigez schreef:

    iam still kinda pissed that google killed glass… i mean i dont need the camera but the heads up display seems awesome

  23. tuzmo schreef:

    The Nokia N-gage was a failure? I'm Finnish so they were kinda popular here, I guess it didn't go that well in other countries.

  24. sahir zulkifli schreef:

    that magazine ads scanner is the beginning of QR code scanner

  25. G Cunn schreef:

    Nokia N-Gage was not a failure! When all you had was terrible phones with black and white screens, the Nokia N-Gage with a colour screen, browse the web and so many proper games were avalable! Call of Duty, Tony Hawks, Tomb Raider and Fifa! All on a phone with a battery that lasts 100000 years! You could download films and music to it. It had a radio tuner and even infared!

  26. 666Tomato666 schreef:

    actually, the way you talked with N-Gage was quite nice, easy to get the speaker right into your ear, no problems with outside noise, and no cheek grease on the screen.

  27. Wouter Van Eenaeme schreef:

    I have both the Harley perfume AND the Trump game. 🙂

  28. Martin S schreef:

    Cola mixed with coffe doesn't work? huh? well, ever heared of the german brand "glump" ? they succeded in this 😀

  29. SystemCM schreef:

    Nylon was an accidental success.

  30. Tingdzin Kochu schreef:

    Epic wire hangers

  31. Hub Lec schreef:

    OMG I was always wondering how could my grandpa get the Harley Davidson After Shave in Poland in the 90s!!!

    Now I understand it was a product discarded in West Europe, and then sold in East 🙂 🙂

    I loved it, tho

  32. zitrotube schreef:

    Where is Microsoft?

  33. Gustavo Berumen schreef:

    Nice idea, failure is part of success. This museum may help people to embrace failure

  34. eben viet schreef:

    "so now its time for sexy time"

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