Science Committee Will ‘Make EPA Great Again’ By Ignoring Science

A coal lawyer, a chemical industry lobbyist and a libertarian scholar who recently accused the Environmental Protection Agency of “regulatory terrorism” will join a lone advocate for science as witnesses before a Tuesday congressional hearing titled “Making EPA Great Again.”

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20 Responses to Science Committee Will ‘Make EPA Great Again’ By Ignoring Science

  1. Smokey schreef:

    EPA was already shit and now they have these loons on it now. Omfg.

  2. SgtSixkilla schreef:

    "Libertarian scholar" is an oxymoron. The word "scholar" implies intelligence and fully functioning faculties. If you're a non-billionaire libertarian, you don't understand human nature, logic or causality. If you're a non-billionaire libertarian, you're a FUCKING RETARD.

  3. Devektra schreef:

    Can they legally destroy the atmosphere that the US shares with the rest of the world?

  4. MrOvadose101 schreef:

    Well said Kyle. Find a scientist that has a Federal or State job that is a millionaire? How many executives and lobbyists are millionaires?? I'll wait…….

  5. Jon Blake schreef:

    Secular talk : FAKE NEWS

  6. Lee B schreef:

    you don't have to be a bloody scientist to work out if you increasingly pump crap into the atmosphere eventually it will get fucked up.
    corporate greed will kill us all

  7. Kent Olaf Steinhaug schreef:

    Mans own stupidity is what will kill everyone.

  8. Malo 2901 schreef:

    When I have to much faith in humanity I look at America. then I facepalm for the rest of the day

  9. HideousConformity schreef:

    Trusting fossil fuel companies to 'regulate' themselves is akin to hiring a dingo to be your babysitter. Fucking retarded.

  10. ElPocho DelMundo schreef:

    It's far worse than not tending to loving mother nature. Mother nature can and will be the most wicked bitch you can imagine when the % of co2 hits 2%.. Mother Nature is going to wreak the Grim Reaper on everybody and everything by about 2040.

  11. Eater 999 schreef:

    Cook earth alive again.

  12. George Gouligo schreef:

    Just reported that global warming data was faked… can't trust government

  13. Daniel Price schreef:

    Wow.Just fucking wow. Also, Libertarian scholar? That's gotta be a bit of a misnomer.

  14. Johan Öberg (Protoman85) schreef:

    When New York is under water… the republicans will think there needs to be more debate about climate change

  15. Mantas Ališauskas schreef:

    haha, there is no alternative facts in science, that's a beauty of it. Every publication is reviewed and checked. News agencies could learn a lot from science journals.

  16. Joaquim Carvalho Lim schreef:

    I did not believe your tittle and thought it was clickbait. I wish it was click bait.

  17. Chris Sexwale schreef:

    "If climate change exists then why did I have to put on a jacket today?"

  18. Glumo schreef:

    GOP are a cancer, and like cancer, need to be removed ASAP

  19. Cavecat schreef:

    Putting libertarians and lobbyists in charge of the government is like putting PETA in charge of a meat deli. It doesn't make any fucking sense.

  20. Призрак Отца Гамлета schreef:

    A libertarian scholar? That's precious.
    Is he a professor of guns or a dean of Yeeeeehaaw?

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