Secrets of Levitation, Supernatural Science – Documentary

Secrets of Levitation, Supernatural Science - Documentary

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20 Responses to Secrets of Levitation, Supernatural Science – Documentary

  1. Business_Chicken ;D schreef:

    The true secret to understanding the universe is at 27:50.

  2. Susanne Hahn schreef:

    really interesting… but the comments are interesting too. what about believe ??? 😉

  3. Dennis Tedder schreef:

    Oh fucking please…he's fucking hopping.

  4. 08wolfeyes schreef:

    They show black and white footage taken when the rope trick is performed to a group of soldiers.
    Watch the base as the boy climes and you will see how the trick is done.
    You have to look carefully and perhaps a few times but the answer is there.

  5. wefreebefree schreef:

    wow,hopping yogi's who look like their gay for each other….just when you think stupid cant be any stupider.anyone can believe anything at any time.that does not make it a truth.truth and this video have nothing to do with each other…

  6. WiseManSay OnlyFoolsRushIn schreef:

    magic exist to those who doesnt know the trick. technology today can do levitation.

  7. John Doe schreef:

    Hey, imbecile, Science and "supernatural' are mutually exclusive. You suck.

  8. Ergo Proxy schreef:

    There's no such thing as levitation unless you're doing magnetic levitation. Otherwise it's just illusion tricks.

  9. James Searle schreef:

    22:00 funniest thing I've seen all day!

  10. Russel Ingersoll schreef:

    if you see super natural and science in a sentence you know that the next thing will be a bullshits!!!!..

  11. stephen coleman schreef:

    14:48, Craig Pearson… his nickname was "Bad News Craig" at Maharishi International University. hahahaha This "university" used brainwashing techniques to keep milking followers of their money. Nobody of the 1000s of students has ever flown other than the hopping they show here.

  12. sam phi schreef:

    2 seconds in, as soon as I see that BBC logo top left corner I know it is gonna be BS from the Boy Buggering Club, protectors of Jimmy Saville and the rest

  13. YodaVon .VaderWalker schreef:

    Utter bullshit to further mess with out already fucked up minds. They will never tell you the truth about levitation and will kill those who figure it out so yeah

  14. Jason Voorhees schreef:

    Well they still don't know what gravity actually is. They named it but have no idea how or what creates it. We can produce G's of gravity on a jet plane but when it comes to telling us where it comes from, well they can't. Same as matter, it's made of of atoms which are made up of mostly empty space.

  15. Troy B schreef:

    Watched it until the floating Yogi stuff, sorry couldn't finish.

  16. Matthew Suffidy schreef:

    I haven't heard such a load of bull since Nimoy's In Search Of.

  17. kenneth daniel watson schreef:

    hopping retards lol

  18. rahowhero X schreef:

    this oughta be a vid with nothing but bollocks flashing up on screen.

  19. Adam B'stard schreef:


  20. Taps schreef:

    I am watching it floating 1 meter high on air… BS. its Magic, give money to the performer they will give you the secret… how the scientist waste 100 times of that money creating BS experiments to show those are fake… What does they expect ?  Magic to be real?

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