Sexiest News Bloopers – Funny Videos Fails 2016

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SEXIEST NEWS BLOOPERS EVER! Today we are back with the best sexy news fails of all time! !


16 Responses to Sexiest News Bloopers – Funny Videos Fails 2016

  1. Wilson Wolf schreef:

    Dank memes make dank dreams

  2. Miles Romo schreef:

    Lisa Dutton is a freak

  3. LiveForGreatness! schreef:

    I cant stop laughing lol. If you like sports check out this new app called Fire fan. Click on the link below and enjoy this social sports game.

  4. Johnathon Shakovits schreef:

    faaack you

  5. Nathaniel Z schreef:

    14:07 – "It's a pretty good size!"   "OH, MY.."   screaming   "…HEAVENS!!!"

  6. Nathaniel Z schreef:

    7:08 – I saw that one in another video!  That girl's face!!!     8- o     10:55 – How very convincing!!!     12:23 – Whoever made that…apparatus…OBVIOUSLY got a good laugh out of it.     12:35 – NO, it doesn't!!  Keep working!!     ;- )

  7. Nathaniel Z schreef:

    5:16 – Hopefully we'll have a "dry hump day"!  Yeah!  Music to HIS ears…or EYES!!!…

  8. therockkkkher schreef:

    really just sad, they should be fired for being POS f ups!

  9. ItsJustMelon schreef:

    These people gay???

  10. Jon Doe schreef:

    I wonder how many people can make these videos using the same thing

  11. Calvin Torgerson schreef:

    Obviously news reporters have dirty minds.

  12. L. Gyger schreef:

    4:35 "What did I say" Wow, girl xD

  13. Simmer Boil schreef:

    7:27 in, is that a black purse or a black dildo between her legs. if it was just her purse she made it look worse than it really was. I've watched it 10 timea I just, can't make it out. she's hot either way though and I'd take care of her pussy regardless

  14. OgGarcioVega schreef:

    @12:20 she's always low key saying some freaky shit…

  15. MisterPringle schreef:

    5:15 I had laughed that hard in a while. The other dude raising his eyebrows like "Really dude?"
    I love these, proves that some people are always kids pretending to be adults.

  16. alex seioo schreef:

    12:20 Is this some kind of initiation ritual for young reporters?

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