Shape of You – Ed Sheeran | Music Video by IIT Roorkee

Four young men, across different domains of profession, are desperately looking to impress a girl, who happens to entertain their approaches well. All of them aiming towards the same goal, a less-lonely Valentine’s day.
Will they get there? Or will it just be another hunt in vain?
Irrespective of your relationship status, you’re sure to enjoy this new video by us, featuring Choreography and Dance Section, IIT Roorkee.
So sit back, relax and enjoy the moves!

Music Credits: Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

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18 Responses to Shape of You – Ed Sheeran | Music Video by IIT Roorkee

  1. firdaus malik schreef:

    awesome! u just earned a subscriber! 🙂

  2. varsha tripathi schreef:

    amazing boys ..loved it :-*
    Die Haters :/

  3. Shourya Pareek schreef:


  4. Eb Ariba schreef:

    thats amazing

  5. Manoj V schreef:

    Cute !!

  6. tripti Roychetry schreef:

    too good

  7. Manthan Maheshwari schreef:

    better than original !!!

  8. Sonam Soni schreef:

    Awsm d coordination..

  9. arpit soni schreef:

    woww yr awesome dance ,you gys rocked us 🙂 :p ,n yes better then the official. Go Ahead n good luck gys.

  10. nitin kulkarni schreef:

    you guys are awesome…………..

  11. Imran Khushal schreef:


  12. Samrat Dutta schreef:

    iitians rocks

  13. Samrat Dutta schreef:


  14. karthik reddy schreef:

    Keep it up do more songs like this

  15. fresh movieclips trailers schreef:

    cool buddies
    love ya'll

  16. Pratik Das schreef:

    really great Dane and a wow choreography not only that
    you guys really did it so well, every steps matched with the beats

  17. Amogh Arun Kumar schreef:

    Quaint, really nice!

  18. Mimi Ralte schreef:

    Hahahaha…….guys…really….??? Choreograph so lame

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