Sherlock – Hilarious Bloopers

funny bloopers from sherlock (TV Series)
hilarious bloopers and compilations from the show


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19 Responses to Sherlock – Hilarious Bloopers

  1. Akshyata Naidu schreef:

    Oh.. so much love <3

  2. Edward Nashton schreef:

    Benidict is such a good sport to his fans

  3. Impala67 schreef:

    Can someone tell me the name of the song that's used at the end of the video?

  4. Becca Lynn schreef:

    Song? 0:01

  5. NoseBleed Koujaku schreef:

    Lol Rupert just tripped

  6. Tim Sticle schreef:

    where to find the original of this hobbit interview? 8:09 & 10:22

  7. Carpe Diem schreef:

    8:53 What did Sherlock say??

  8. Cloud Here schreef:


  9. CJMusicNZ schreef:

    The only clips that were funny were the actual Sherlock bloopers.

  10. Katrina Vortex schreef:

    U JUST MADE MY F***ING DAY!!! I BLESS YOU!! XD I'm my god!

  11. SquidHub Central schreef:

    The hell was that intro?

  12. Wilhelmina Nesbitt schreef:

    Poor video. The audio for the film bloopers is too low to hear. The other clips aren't bloopers and are at normal audio levels. Impossible to watch/listen, therefore.

  13. HowToLooseADuel schreef:

    New bloopers Yas Gaga!

  14. Cj Daque schreef:

    4:43 lol call a cab XD

  15. Cj Daque schreef:

    4:43 lol call a cab XD

  16. morphman86 schreef:

    Shouldn't this be called "Random funny clips of Benedict Cumberbatch"?

  17. cr0nosphere schreef:

    No wonder it takes years to get these fucking seasons out.

  18. Grace Foster-Christie schreef:

    1.20 isn't from Sherlock, it's from the hobbit.

  19. Turbojuugend schreef:

    I wanted to see bloopers, not some shitty clips from some talkshows.

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