Shocking Video Caught on CCTV Camera | Whatsapp Most Viral Video 2016


Watch shocking video caught on CCTV camera | whatsapp most viral video 2016.


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19 Responses to Shocking Video Caught on CCTV Camera | Whatsapp Most Viral Video 2016

  1. Edwin Pogi schreef:

    hi 09357376725

  2. path finder 3010 schreef:


  3. David Oh schreef:

    what the hell saying that subtitle? shitty vid

  4. Fabian Figueroa schreef:

    Hеrе is а rеallу hеlрful tооl to hаck Whаtsаapр mеessаgеs Shосking Videо Cаught оn CCТV Cаmеra Whаtsаpрр Моst Viraаl Vidеo 2016

  5. Meowmeow0 schreef:

    what happened in the first video? I replayed it and saw nothing

  6. michael tyler schreef:

    Why would you laugh someone just died shocking

  7. VanDelay, Ind. schreef:

    So they just continue to play their stupid video games while the guy dies next to them!!! I'm ashamed to be human.

  8. 5,000명 넘어보기!! 아무것도 안하고 구독자 schreef:


  9. Minami Kokoro Heart-chan ತಎತ schreef:

    What the hell? Wtf is happening

  10. Grumar S schreef:

    you can't have a funny humar hd screen then go right to a kid getting electrocuted just fyi.

  11. its that girl. schreef:

    Why don't they help him?

  12. haydz openia schreef:

    baka inatake sa puso..

  13. Jerry Smith schreef:

    what happened in the first video where the kid got hurt?

  14. Amit Rai schreef:

    fucking video.crap music

  15. themodularmodular schreef:

    Don't be too greedy with clicks, this video is a total shit cos so much link boxes covered it

  16. Deon Bean schreef:

    dumb ass Asian's

  17. maanas km schreef:

    what on his mind

  18. tsuzukadesu schreef:


  19. Prabagaran P schreef:


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