Sinclair Broadcast Group: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Sinclair Broadcast Group is the largest owner of local TV stations in the country. That’s alarming considering that they often inject political views into local news.

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20 Responses to Sinclair Broadcast Group: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  1. whitegeek1024 schreef:

    Mark Hyman looks like the amateur sketch of the Leprachaun from Mobile, Alabama.

  2. Just Marcelo schreef:

    Que tema excelente KKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  3. Emma Marks schreef:

    Hymen….the news casters name is hymen.

    Well he sure is a real pussy

  4. The13thBlonde schreef:

    I have seen every episode of John Oliver, and only now just noticed that he has extremely feminine fingers. I am so distracted by them dancing around in a mesmerizing lesbian tango that I can't even pay attention to what is being said.

  5. Neil Glenn schreef:

    At last, a network which is NOT blatantly anti-Trump! Damned right I will watch it. I'm so VERY tired of all the fake, tainted, slanted, carefully edited, and controlled media to which we've been subjected for so many years, now! Welcome!

  6. Vulcanoctus Al-Abass schreef:

    Do a segment on the meme war against CNN plzzzzzz

  7. heatherjasper97 schreef:

    I want to hear his opinion on BSL (Breed Standard Legislation) and see what he can dig up about it. It's a piece of legislation that affects many people and pets and is ineffective in its goals of curbing dog attacks and canine aggressiveness in general. It deserves to be looked at.

  8. J Laws schreef:

    Sinclair isn't the only one. Nextar and WHTM Harrisburg subtly do this. When the anchor and correspondents interview and do segments with Democrat politicians it always has subtle negative commentary and criticism. But they hand feed and kiss ass of Republicans politicians. Pathetic. Those of us trained in the media arts can see it, but what is scary is all of the people who are naïve and gullible to subtle brainwashing.

  9. Patrick English schreef:

    Sinclair is propaganda!!!!

  10. phantasyryder schreef:

    WJW is Cleveland!

  11. Cory schreef:

    John has lost so much credibility since his show went 100% politics. He treated all Brexit supporters as dumb racists, and he tries to discredit and make fun of Tucker Carlson. Two biggest mistakes he's made. Proof that John isn't immune to preaching propaganda.

  12. Nick Ryan schreef:

    Pretty sure slavery in America predates the Democratic party by at least a hundred years. And the Democratic party used to be conservative. The two parties just switched names.

  13. Afa schreef:

    i mean, i don't even watch tv anymore

  14. Ralph Rosenfield schreef:

    love this bit!

  15. KAY BROWN schreef:

    hard to believe! Watch for it – avoid it if we can!!

  16. Stephen H schreef:

    Um… The Dutch gave us slavery in 1619 when they brought slaves to Jamestown to aid in tabaco farming. Do any of these fucking conservatives know anything about US history!?

  17. Stephen H schreef:

    Come on… Everyone knows that the $750 million in campaign funds came from Hitler's ghost.

  18. Dani C schreef:

    Is no one going to talk about how is name is Hyman? Because his name is dangerously close to another word and sounds the same.

  19. albert sneij schreef:


  20. Matt schreef:

    This guy really trying to turn America into the shithole that is Europe.

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