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Hey everyone! 🙂

Today I’m going to share some bloopers of mine, this is how I am in real life, this is how i behave. I am goofy and weird and I’m totally fine with it!

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12 Responses to Sjlovesjewelry Bloopers | AKA Real Me!

  1. Srijita Basu schreef:

    Let's get more bloopers pleaase !!!!

  2. Nayab Anjum schreef:

    Awsme…. Nice looks…

  3. habiba nazneen schreef:

    shreya dii ap matte lipstick use kiya krye…glossy acha nhi lgta ap par

  4. Lipsticksnlogic schreef:

    More bloopers puhleeeeeseeeee!!!!

  5. Nazera Mahveen schreef:


  6. Smritilekha Singha schreef:

    pagal i mean u r mad and crazy that's why i love ur videos

  7. puja sarkar schreef:

    its so funny.. I just cant stop laughing but its very cute also

  8. Richa Sharma schreef:

    hahaha… loved this one… u r so crazy and sweet… love u shreya… keep shinning

  9. Chesta Gupta schreef:

    nice one…..

  10. Neha Thapa schreef:

    its realy a strugle… hehehe

  11. Suhana Chaudhary schreef:

    Shreya di more bloopers pleaseeee

  12. Sweta Sharma schreef:

    hehehe..that honking…lol…

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