Sony – BRAVIA OLED – Sound technology

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The greatest sound you’ve never seen.
Unlike most TV speakers, sound comes to you from the entire screen, immersing you in exciting new entertainment experiences. It’s pictures and sound in perfect harmony.

Actual product design may be different depending on region.
“SONY” and “BRAVIA” are trademarks of Sony Corporation.

Welcome to Top10Archive! Every year there seems to be a new innovation, something that makes life easier for some and more complicated for the less technologically inclined. For this installment, we’re looking to the future of technology at ten anticipated concepts that could actually do us some good – or, at the very least, sound really cool to talk about.

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10. Sunscreen Pill
9. Self-Fitting Clothes
8. Universal Translators
7. Mind Controlled Appliances
6. Portable Healing Laser
5. Motor Neuroprosthetics
4. Permanent Artificial Organs
3. Personal Nanofactory
2. Crash-Proof Cars
1. Avatars (DARPA)


Possible to control your home appliances with your mind!

DARPA reveals Avatar program, robot soldiers incoming

PETMAN: The US Army’s latest lifelike robotic recruit­ciFE­Q­­OTzM

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31 Responses to Sony – BRAVIA OLED – Sound technology

  1. Vijay Prabakaran schreef:

    brilliant technology #SONY always pretty cool…

  2. لوف قيم schreef:

    Xperia XZ Premium

  3. Kevyn Grams schreef:

    So glad to see Sony releasing an OLED. I am not a huge fan of the tech, but I know many who are. It is nice that they now have an oppertunity to buy from Sony.

    Hopefully this demos well instores, because I think this could really sell a lot of these TVs, to people trying to choose between the LG, Panisonic, and Sony.

    My only gripe is that it still runs the god awful android OS. Really wish these things had a modified version of the PlayStation 4 APU and OS. Then it would be a full on Sony product, and have a much better user experience overall.

  4. Major Zero schreef:

    The best of Sony!!!

  5. Mecha Meister schreef:

    i thought i can only hear sound not see it.

  6. Ankit Sen schreef:

    Awesome sony. . . But what r u doing in smartphone department

  7. The mgtow Neet schreef:

    samsung cuck fanboys now crying

  8. Solomon Reed schreef:

    Jesus stop teasing us and release the damn thing.

  9. VirtuaMe schreef:

    Need that A1 price ASAP

  10. thiyaga rajan schreef:

    So cute and good innovation Sony,
    Fuck Nokia did you build this kind of technology

  11. Ali Aziz schreef:

    Long Live SONY

  12. Ahmed Omer Bakarman schreef:

    how that posible

  13. Top10Archive schreef:

    What future technology do you wish to see in your lifetime? Flying cars? Flying skateboards?

  14. Dusty Upchurch schreef:

    Cool video. I loved it.

  15. Karen Meyer schreef:

    Some tech can make us very lazy…

  16. Stephen Shakeshaft schreef:

    How do you cover self driving cars and not even mention Tesla. Massive fail.

  17. I-Tech schreef:

    great video bro…passes by me if you like!!

  18. the guy she tells you not to worry about schreef:

    Woah, technology!

  19. gaming leprechaun 888 schreef:

    hover shoes,portal guns,laser glasses, invisibility,

  20. shadpadilla schreef:

    When I clicked on a video titled "…Tachnology that's here right now" I expected it to exist, not just be an idea that was in the near future…

  21. Future Explorer schreef:

    great Future Technology video

  22. HolfyBro Gaming, Reviews talks, and MORE schreef:

    number 10 : or we can get world peice 🙂 like if you agree

  23. Old Technology Archive schreef:


    Come check out my old technology archive where i upload tech videos from the 80s,90s,and 2000<<<<<<<< 🙂

    Also i upload interviews and commercials from that period 🙂

    Thanks! 🙂


  24. ReynicoIsLife schreef:

    I'm so bad at using technology XD I just figured out how to use my laptop

  25. gamer jake schreef:

    eye ball cameras

  26. meharunisa dar schreef:

    Real hover board

  27. Paul Tanguin schreef:

    Ohh!! Thats great! They invent that technology to our life to prevent the easily and less time..for our work.. 🙂

  28. SlimeTimeGames schreef:

    Subscribe to claw tornado 2016 and SlimeTimeGames

  29. Tom Skilling schreef:

    anti gravity lift .
    anti matter

  30. TheMaster100 schreef:


  31. Ashlee Tucker schreef:

    A app that predicts the future when you post social media
    (Simpsons said that first)

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