Speaker Bercow: Trump should not speak in Parliament – BBC News

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow has said he would be “strongly opposed” to US President Donald Trump addressing the Houses of Parliament during his state visit to the UK. Mr Bercow told MPs “opposition to racism and sexism” were “hugely important considerations”. He was applauded by SNP MPs after his comments.
President Trump was invited to make a state visit after meeting Theresa May in Washington last month.

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17 Responses to Speaker Bercow: Trump should not speak in Parliament – BBC News

  1. SUPERMAN BEAST 123 schreef:

    another traiter . evepry ones racist who wants to stop the population replacement to muslim .if you cant see it tolur blind to the truthe

  2. fightfordem schreef:

    This so-called speaker has no such respect to the President of the United States.

  3. boy schreef:

    Europe wake up, see what game is similar view of 007 Russian chauvinist occupiers in neighboring countries
    I without irony
    and not only in neighboring countrie

  4. Tony Fat schreef:

    At last a man of courage. Not like those ass Kissing tories.

  5. jan wright schreef:

    I am shocked and horrified at this statement. I know the world is going to pot but when a speaker in our house of commons throws his neutrality out the window like this and makes his own bias public knowledge it shows how far the rot has gone. He needs to apologise and retract or step down.

  6. Laur Manolescu schreef:

    Trump is Great.

  7. born winner schreef:

    trump should send a message on the airwaves that he doesn't t want to visit uk anyway and let Theresa may shiver in outrage that their trade deals are over and uk will go into deficit

  8. Mick7sp schreef:

    These guy are so full of themselves it's spilling out of their mouths. : )

  9. Common Sense schreef:

    What an utter moron. Another snowflake that only hears what he wants to hear and only sees what he wants to see. He should be sacked for abuse of power and wasting taxpayers money.

  10. Stuart K schreef:


  11. happygolucky ornot schreef:

    It's not their choice to block information, it's our choice after listening to it weather we agree or not. the bbc is unbelievably corrupt and biased.

  12. Paul Starmer schreef:

    Bercow, "The Power Of Christ Compels You"

  13. wwallace0071 schreef:

    The Royal Gallery?? More like a circus full of clowns !!! Just like Australia!!

  14. Jona schreef:

    Bercow has nailed our flag to a sinking ship. This is not a country run by and for regressive left cuntstains anymore. You might be in London with its terrorist friendly muslim mayor but the rest of the country arent grandstanding cucks like you. We put British people first and our trusted allies second, and like it or not you dirtbag lefties Trump is now our most trusted ally.

  15. Muhammed Nuyan schreef:

    half the dislikes compared to the likes? narcissists, racists and people lacking common sense are pretty common now a days. Hats off to the speaker.

  16. UKFreedomFighters schreef:

    A bunch of softies. The UK is so palpably pathetic. I apologise for my so called fellow countrymen and how they will bend over backwards for foreigners while doing nothing for the native peoples. They think with their hearts instead of their minds on this matter unfortunately.

  17. Laur Manolescu schreef:

    Oppose Trump but support muslim leaders,look who is leading the UK,what a shame.

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