STAY | Dance Music Video (Zedd + Alessia Cara)

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21 Savage & Metro Boomin deliver a visual for their platinum selling record, “X” featuring Future from their July 2016 EP, ‘Savage Mode.’ A Vincent Lou Film. Check out the BTS on TIDAL:

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35 Responses to STAY | Dance Music Video (Zedd + Alessia Cara)

  1. KatieandChris schreef:

    for those of you saying "she is so confident omg" there is literally no reason why she shouldn't be, she is in her twenties, successful, smart, a great friend, and freaking gorgeous…. so yeah she is confident, duh! you two are so cute in the bloopers!! haha, i really wish you would have filmed the mean old lady telling you to get off her property. haha

  2. Rachel Smalley schreef:

    wish i could do one of these with you!!! omg

  3. Mia Struck schreef:

    i love your confidence
    your'e so inspiring

  4. Samantha Rainone schreef:

    love it remi

  5. Kim Me schreef:


  6. Sofi kane schreef:

    why is everyone so cringy now days

  7. Sakura Faraimo schreef:

    Why do es she only post like 'Once in a blue moon'
    what day does she post??
    your so cool!!

  8. Sherrill CuCu schreef:

    Love the video editing!

  9. Abbie schreef:

    I saw you on channel one at school

  10. Charmaine B schreef:

    Remi is where is your white top from?

  11. EL.audioss schreef:

    love this soooo much, please keep making these videos!!

  12. SunnyOn101 schreef:

    How did u not get copyrighted

  13. Emma Kathleen schreef:

    You slay my lifeeee!!!!!

  14. ReinaB schreef:

    Wow this looks like fun. lol

  15. Martha Perez schreef:

    i like su much

  16. Tr51P K1ng! schreef:

    lmfao. off brand T.I. that's 21 savage.

  17. Cassia Beam schreef:

    21 savage the type of guy to get bullied at homeschool

  18. Yamar schreef:

    Can this comment get more likes than the video?

  19. David Wood schreef:

    21 the type nigga that kill a bitch, then tell her he 'sorry'…

  20. Cole Strickland schreef:

    21 the type of nigga to try and download an IOS update on his android phone.

  21. Diego Munizaga schreef:

    love that outro

  22. Advice Queen schreef:

    Man, WTF! I'm tired every time I go on the comment section I see "what 21 is the type to do"! Get out! You ain't shit, you ain't gonna be shit!

  23. FlyingSquirrel schreef:

    Wonder if he actually play 2k lol

  24. Mr. K P schreef:

    That thot in the beginning reminds me of my hoe ass EX lol

  25. Mubarak Goraya schreef:

    21 savage the typa nigga who puts your name on his paper when he cheats off you.

  26. Salva E schreef:

    f*ck a wedding ring, issa knife

  27. Bedros Yeranosian schreef:

    this video makes me want to lie my teacher about doing mty hw

  28. Jeremiah Johnson schreef:

    2:29 He looks like faggot the chipmunk..

  29. trvy UC schreef:

    This song make me wanna eat soup with a fork and a knife

  30. King Nizz schreef:

    21 the type of nigga to light paper on fire just to pull the alarm

  31. Coco CS:GO schreef:

    Issa Doomsday On gotham Hoe

  32. Isaiah Floyd schreef:

    Why Ayesha Curry salty at 21 Savage at 0:30 he shooting with steph curry thats respect

  33. CasonKK lopez schreef:

    I luv this song keep it up 21

  34. jufinda schreef:

    21 savage the type of guy who would sell a mattress to the mattress store.

  35. Jaylen Williams schreef:

    This song makes me wanna sit on the tv and watch the couch

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