Suicide Squad – Bloopers and Funny Moments

Bloopers, Behind The Scenes, Funny Moments and Funny Interviews are here!
check this out.
Most funniest compilation.

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Please watch: “Marvel Bloopers”


20 Responses to Suicide Squad – Bloopers and Funny Moments

  1. i have no name schreef:

    there are bloopers??? i thought the whole thing was a mistake 😮

  2. shobana divya rubini schreef:

    the video is very super

  3. Vanessa Tandris schreef:

    favorite 4 :48

  4. Danielle Kirksey schreef:

    that's funnt

  5. southsidesman schreef:

    hes passing gas on set       funny

  6. southsidesman schreef:

    not bloopers

  7. mike wattie schreef:

    The whole movie was a blooper

  8. Dumb Donald schreef:

    Is it just me or did the Enchantress just disappeared from her seat?

  9. killer92173 schreef:

    I thought Suicide Squad was great! COME AT ME!!!

  10. Glass McAss schreef:

    Every girl at my school won't shut the fuck up about Harley Quinn from this film. It's as annoying as fuck. Please kill me.

  11. RL R schreef:

    Will Smith…what an unsufferable douchebag.

  12. Canadian Soldier Mawakeesick schreef:

    I played my self made me laugh

  13. Shirley Dayne Vincoy schreef:

    Fuck this intro. Ugly music. -_-

  14. Dumb Donald schreef:

    5:16, Joker creeps me out

  15. Graycie Mcdonald schreef:


  16. Kai Faulkes schreef:

    WHy have the obnoxious intro to the channel at the start of the video what is the point?

  17. D.J. P schreef:

    ive watched a couple of your videos, not bad but the sound quality is horrible. please even out the sound output. a couple sections are super loud and some silent

  18. Derpy Narwhal schreef:

    MEAT PIE!!!!!

  19. cupcake bake 909 schreef:

    hi mom

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