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Primitive technology: All

by recombiner

Awesome technology – Automatically peeled and sawn timber

by Krista Baer – Awesome technology – Automatically peeled and sawn timber – Sawmill: Sawmill’s basic operation is much like those of hundreds of years ago; a log enters on one end and dimensional lumber exits on the other end.

DFT – Derma Fusion Technology | by Le-Vel

by haglundc DFT: The World’s Only Wearable Nutrition | Derma Fusion Technology by Le-Vel

Technology Of The Soul

by eltpics Spirit Over Matter Light Over Darkness Soul Over Technology All Must Abide To the Eternal Presence Of Ever-expansive portals, Leading Into Infinities Look Within And You Will See The Revolving Fractal Tree, Connecting All That you Be, Peace,Love,Infinity.

NEW heavy technology machine – Best agricultural farming: Pomegranate Harvest

by eltpics Pomegranate Harvest in California Thanks for watching Israel Agriculture Technology Subscribe to watch more: https://goo.gl/8Uzhjj Israel Agriculture technologies – Farm Industry News Click Here: https://goo.gl/UePbMG Greenhouse commercial Nature – Agritech in Future Fresh Farms and Tasty Tom tomatoes: https://youtu.be/B5Kcc_7PE2I High-tech agriculture ISRAEL AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY Super tomato yield – How to String Sucker Tomato

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