Technology Of The Soul

Spirit Over Matter
Light Over Darkness
Soul Over Technology
All Must Abide
To the Eternal Presence
Of Ever-expansive portals,
Leading Into Infinities
Look Within And You Will See
The Revolving Fractal Tree,
Connecting All That you Be,

6 Responses to Technology Of The Soul

  1. Jay Analyze schreef:

    I love the new age experience because it gives me a chance to analyze what i already knew. I do it all time now and its so invigorating to know that the information we always had is finally revealing its jewels.

  2. Katrina Taylor schreef:

    Excellent. Thx

  3. Flying Spacerock schreef:

    peaceful muthafucker.

  4. more than nine schreef:

    i love your flute analogy…. i always tell people that I am just the vessel, delivering love, energy, information, healing, etc. as a conduit, from Creator…. peace brother

  5. Daniel Wayne schreef:

    New videos! Awesome. I really resonate with your words, Ehani. Thank you for creating

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