The Final Countdown… – GCSE Science Revision – SCIENCE WITH HAZEL

In this video, Hazel tells you how best to use the last few days before your GCSE science exams, and how to focus your revision to make sure you get those top grades.

These videos are designed to help with your GCSE and IGCSE science revision.

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Hazel completed her undergraduate degree at St John’s College, the University of Cambridge. She then did a PGCE (Post-Graduate Certificate of Education) before qualifying as a science teacher. She now works full time as a professional tutor.

Material required for Grade 9 (A*) is included.

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La révolution scientifique est généralement considérée comme une discontinuité de la pensée scientifique à une époque donnée, cette rupture amenant un champ disciplinaire ‘ ou plusieurs ‘ à se réorganiser autour de principes et axiomes nouveaux. Cette notion est devenue centrale en épistémologie par le travail d’auteurs tels que Gaston Bachelard, Thomas Samuel Kuhn ou encore Alexandre Koyré. En histoire des sciences, elle est aujourd’hui utilisée pour décrire les mécanismes de transformation et d’adaptation des théories scientifiques à la suite de découvertes importantes, remettant en cause la vision que l’Homme avait du monde jusqu’alors.
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11 Responses to The Final Countdown… – GCSE Science Revision – SCIENCE WITH HAZEL

  1. Gareth Pitt schreef:

    Summer off?!? I'm a mature student having to retake this after 17 years. I don't know what time off looks like. Just needed to get this for completed for my next venture

  2. Ethan Hussein schreef:

    I work 7half hours a day, come home and revise a few hours each night, recently sat the January paper and got a C, was 2 marks off a B, put in for a resit for the 24th edexcel paper, I do home study, was wondering if you could do a video on Critical Angles topic as I am not so good on that topic thanks

  3. PC_Builder schreef:

    I have my exams starting on Monday the 15th – next Monday 🙁 I have done more hours of revision than over about 85%+ of the country so I'm feeling pretty confident 🙂 As for the food & water well I've been doing that anyway ever since I started body building, I just need to work on the sleep thing since I normally stay up to watch BBC News & other stuff lol

  4. Freds Stuff schreef:

    Its your 200th video!!! :D:D:D

  5. zainab khan schreef:


  6. AnimalLover1801 schreef:

    thanks for this video! I was wondering how many past papers I need to do, I've done around 2 for each unit of science, I'm aiming for an a* 🙂

  7. Morgan LRDLC schreef:



    Pour une fois pas de commentaires aberrants, anti science ou pseudo scientifiques!

  9. moez oues schreef:

    Merci pour votre contribution

  10. moez oues schreef:


  11. GrEgO169 schreef:

    Très bon doc merci

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