The Ultimate Fails Compilation ✔

The Ultimate Fails Compilation ✔

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A compilation featuring the best of Failarmy U.


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19 Responses to The Ultimate Fails Compilation ✔

  1. Ihsan ISpace Rider schreef:

    I'd really like to understand the pleasure of people who laugh "BRUTALLY" at the end of fails.


    Your video that's better

  3. Nicole Praus schreef:


  4. MYO Disinfectant schreef:

    5:05 I did that many times lel in the same area.

  5. Forest Cat schreef:

    Humans are so stupid… Thank god I'm a cat on another planet 🙂

  6. HOAX Vlog schreef:

    trololololo lolololololo

  7. Victor Vicente schreef:

    %&&__€£€_% $$#$//^()() ₩¥¥

  8. Christopher Thorkon schreef:

    All red neck stupidity. They are the ones who put Donald Trump in office.

  9. Super Nerd schreef:

    why the hell does this video have over 200m views

  10. Uptightking45 schreef:

    This happens cuz now Adays every pulls here pants down a lot that's why

  11. GamerDownTown1 schreef:

    10:26 that was epic!!!

  12. MI35 HINDx schreef:

    5:57 :DD wtf

  13. Thomas Kautz schreef:


  14. apis mambailong schreef:

    you think its really funny?hope all of you die

  15. jemimallah schreef:

    what kind of humorless fucking country is it where people just sit stony-faced and shocked when someone hilariously empties a huge fucking tray of food all over some people? is it switzerland?

  16. Brian Lieu schreef:

    3:57 probably my fav. Nice job dog

  17. Your Gay schreef:

    This is y women live longer than men

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