This Is HOW Future Will Look Like (2030 – 2050) | Future Technology HD 2017 | Full Documentary

This Is HOW Future Will Look Like (2030 - 2050) | Future Technology HD 2017 | Full Documentary

How the World will look like in the next 50 years
The world has changed a lot in the last 150 years, but we humans are driven by the same basic needs as we were 150 years ago, food, sleep, sex, the feeling of being appreciated and loved. Will this change in the next 150 years? No.

If you take away all gadgets that people in some part of the world are using for entertainment, the inventions that have affected most people around the world for everyday living are the telephone, electricity, radio, television, computer, the car and the ability to communicate through Internet. Then we of course have a lot of inventions that have made life easier, like new medicine, faster transports etc.

In general the inventions for the last 150 years have been a human strive for freedom and communication, to be able to get in control of the time and world. Since there is still much to do in this area, this will be the focus at least for the next 150 years.

Predicting the future is important for two reasons; first we need to start to think about what kind of future we would like for ourselves and to pass on to the next generation, and then we need to know what decisions we need to make today that will give the best result in the future.
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22 Responses to This Is HOW Future Will Look Like (2030 – 2050) | Future Technology HD 2017 | Full Documentary

  1. Football vs Fifa schreef:

    no way

  2. Music Man Meme Extreme schreef:

    OMG being in the future would be so cool

  3. yankee army schreef:

    what all the other humans are dead or what.. world population is well over billions .. fuck future sucks.. and no asshole can predict the future..

  4. Jesus Hernandez schreef:

    I whis this was real

  5. Regina West schreef:

    Love all the comments here lol

  6. GamingCreeper schreef:

    Looks like that future is all based in a car

  7. LameDude RightHere schreef:

    if hologram became a thing, weeaboos be fucking 3d waifus if you know what i'm saying

  8. HerB WiZarD schreef:

    if there's so much technology and so much less walking, most of the ppl will be fat

  9. usman naeem schreef:

    maza agya

  10. Hassan Maje schreef:

    if it is a self driving car, why the need for side mirrors?

  11. Donesia White schreef:

    I can't wait for the futer

  12. Ghouse Pasha schreef:

    If this is the future then what will happen to the slum areas..?
    Where the agriculture will go..?
    We are developing which we don't actually need….

    We dont need engineers… We need Farmers….. Interstellar….

  13. Nereus schreef:

    lol the force field will sure save the world

  14. Nereus schreef:

    fucking lazy fuckers from the future, we should nuke ourselves now as long as we are stil in time to punish those future dorks xD

  15. Kashish Hoshiarpuri schreef:

    this all will be there when we will not be their to enjoy it

  16. Kashish Hoshiarpuri schreef:

    best video after wwe

  17. HDgamer8200 [HUN] schreef:

    i wish i would live in 2050 but i need to wait like 43 years 🙁

  18. DarLord xD schreef:

    this isnt 2030 it is 2217

  19. John Skogman schreef:

    City looks like Dubai looks like now.

  20. John Skogman schreef:


  21. JAMES Rivis schreef:

    Is that Monsanto grain ?

  22. rifi 43 schreef:

    now the first song about to be the new youtube anthem

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