Top 10 Hardest Positions in Sports

Every sport requires talent and natural ability, but some positions are much more difficult than others. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Hardest Positions in Sports. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we are focusing on the positions from a variety of sports that are toughest to play from both a physical and technical standpoint.

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39 Responses to Top 10 Hardest Positions in Sports

  1. jemal mckalsky schreef:

    goalkeeper as to slide in incoming tackles to and that can be very painful

  2. Sinatra Baller schreef:

    point guard should be in the honorable meantions

  3. TheMobilGamer567 K. schreef:

    Mop boy in nba because what if there's a ref like crawford says its not clean enough

  4. Ninja -gaming schreef:

    What about hockey goalkeeper (real hockey, field hockey)

  5. AJ Bourdages schreef:

    no way pitcher is harder than catcher, pitchers only work every fifth day

  6. Strwaberry Berrey schreef:

    What about the o line and d line. The fuck

  7. venre - gaming and more schreef:

    I think the hardest position in sports is playing snake in paintball

  8. Malachi Zylstra schreef:

    This video misses so much more about catching than it says in the video , they have to deal with foul balls to the legs , bats hitting them on the head when the bat comes around the hitters shoulder , framing pitches , blocking pitches in the dirt and catching pitches that have dirty movement , I'm not a catcher and Ik that this is all true because my brother catches and after every single game he has at least another 4-5 bruises and around every 4 games he'll sprain his thumb , they don't give catchers the credit they deserve

  9. JD17 schreef:

    afl midfielders? they can run upto like 20km every game

  10. Blue Bannana schreef:

    Gurling goalie

  11. Seb WolfGames schreef:

    And the libero? From volleyball. It's really painful sometimes and it needs great reflexes.

  12. Luco Man schreef:

    Batsmen cricket

  13. Kyan Lepiks schreef:

    goalkeeper is definitley the most hardest job on football en other sports

  14. leovo schreef:

    i am a child goalkeeper and 14 5ft 10 for football it might look easy but its not most of the time u cant see cause players always in ur way

  15. 吳乙澄 schreef:

    what about libero in volleyball?

  16. Karsen Pritchard schreef:

    corner back and wide receiver american fcootball

  17. Diecee G schreef:

    Libero in volleyball? Receiving 100mph flying balls that sometimes hit you in the face. oh you also get to swim without water having bruises and floor burns after your game.

  18. Hudson Osborne schreef:

    Quarterback is the hardest bc you have to remember the most and get hit the most and have to still throw the ball

  19. Tim Sällvin schreef:

    I am a goalkeeper too

  20. OKK gamer schreef:

    floorball defender is getting shot with a ball what goes 100 mph

  21. Genji Shimada schreef:

    so funny watching people go to sleep

  22. Devin Brooks schreef:


  23. Yousuf And the blog schreef:

    2:09 to 2:13 song please?? Need the song.

  24. Videos Randoms :v schreef:

    2:33 song plz?

  25. What schreef:

    0:55 what a song

  26. Darren Ly schreef:

    why do these people still keep punching even tho their opponent is on the ground knocked out???!!!! just want to stab them in the stomach with a rusted knife.

  27. F5 Shotz schreef:

    Song name at 1:08

  28. big dizzle schreef:

    3:54 he did the little kid wall kick

  29. Kolanji Bell schreef:

    3:19 woow

  30. Kolanji Bell schreef:

    2:56 wtf

  31. Marcin Suszczewski schreef:

    the name of truck in 6:33? please help ! 😀

  32. greenkiller 13 schreef:

    3:56 song?

  33. Aurius Mineikis schreef:

    8:20what song??

  34. Hajasi schreef:

    The only good song is at 10:05

  35. Joaquin Bailon schreef:

    did they survive

  36. Petix X schreef:

    3:01 song name? plzz

  37. סמי בר מוחה schreef:

    זה מה שקורה שמתאמנים אצל כלפו

  38. Cobra Opp schreef:

    song at 6:18 please

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