Top 10 Hilarious Impressions Done by Celebrities

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18 Responses to Top 10 Hilarious Impressions Done by Celebrities

  1. Thomas Sheridan schreef:

    Why is Anne Hathaway's impression on here, you guys said no snl performances

  2. Gilbert York schreef:

    situation quiet program sales wonder pine mrs memory standing entity.

  3. Norman Augustus schreef:

    No Jamie Foxx???

  4. bob hope schreef:

    the narration is just awful

  5. Rachel Rozow schreef:

    That Eddie impression at the end…

  6. asxtc schreef:

    I thought Christina @11:04 sang 'The best part of wanking'…up

  7. Blake Wilkinson schreef:

    Material funeral interested locate forgive double shallow yesterday verbal fate.

  8. Dayga schreef:

    Fallon's over-the-top pandering reactions to even the most unfunny jokes of his guests is really quite annoying. He must think he has to laugh, emote, and quiver like a bowl of jello each time they speak or they'll call him out for the pathetic little butt muncher he actually is. What a douchebag piece of shit.

  9. Tequila Sunrise Beats schreef:

    Ariana Grande Killed it. Sounds just like Celine

  10. Lava Complete schreef:

    just get to the list already

  11. Zach Carpenter schreef:

    i dont know who this host is but why she always dropping the french accent

  12. Troy Nall schreef:

    sounded four-rain to me.

  13. Gregory Rush schreef:

    Fucking Christ, could the commentator be any more vapid and annoying???

  14. Helen Roose schreef:

    You had me at Benedict Cumberbatch's face, minus the fact that he wasn't even an honorable mention. SHAME. 🙂

  15. Leslie Decker schreef:

    Hi a close friend of mine was diagnosed with Steven's Johnson Syndrome. Her skin burned off and she is seeking skin treatment for the scaring. If you can help please do!

  16. Eirik Salut schreef:

    fuck off with the commentary pleeeeease

  17. Noah Sandrowitz schreef:

    hold up 8:04 is an snl skit didnt they say they werent including those?

  18. John Conner schreef:

    Do you guy know what Stfu means? Do you read the comments? Do you GASht what people think , who watch you digioes? No?0h, okay.

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