Top 10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments EVER

Here we cover the Ten Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments!

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Fun Fact: Celebrities are people too.

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19 Responses to Top 10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments EVER

  1. Sahil Acheckzai schreef:

    Celebrity Chat

    Justine Bieber:Let me love you
    Meghan Trainor:No
    Justin Bieber:What do you mean?
    Adam Levine:Don't wanna know
    Selena Gomez:Just kill em with kindness
    Charlie:We don't talk anymore
    Justin Bieber:WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!?

  2. taydestiny38 schreef:

    The madonna stumble didn't seem all that embarrassing. Katy Perry fall was funny but she played it off well and was a good sport about it. Jennifer Lawrence tends to have these "clumsy moments" on far too many occasions, which make it seem phony.

  3. DOLL PHASES schreef:

    If Christina legs were sweating, it could be the spray on tan dripping…

  4. theJaZZiDraGon schreef:

    Sorry to be the correction freak, but you kinda spelled celebrity like celebirty and spelled it wrong. But otherwise, it's all good.

  5. martin984 schreef:

    #8 and #1 must be twins

  6. chuck wilson schreef:

    You have all the time in the world to construct these videos, but don't take one second to check your facts or your final product.

  7. Celebrity Unofficial schreef:

    Great! good one. Subscribed!
    Want more videos from you like this

  8. Crystal Candy Mlp schreef:


  9. Matt Moves schreef:

    After the Christina Aguilera thing this video should be named: "Top 10 Most Embarrassing Youtube Moments EVER"

  10. CELEBE NEWS UPDATE 01 schreef:

    wonderful video

  11. Storm Campbell schreef:


  12. Solano Cosmetics schreef:

    Okay – this video was cool until you started repeating the embarrassing moments – like WTF? You put Christina on the list twice for the same thing???? WTF

  13. Keeley Tarff schreef:

    If you can't think of 10 original events (and by that I should include your other videos, which are full of the same things just in different order) you should just not make a '10' video. Using the same event TWICE in the same video is shameful. Do you not pay attention when editing your content??? Obviously not.

  14. Punisher_skull13 schreef:

    meh, that's not big deal we are humans after all and shit always happens weird would be if no one would ever make a mistake, that really would be weird

  15. Milly Shilton schreef:


  16. kristy Raza schreef:

    Well celebs are humans.

  17. Ralph S schreef:

    Was that wolverine trying to help jennifer lawrence up?

  18. Lillian Hester schreef:

    Beyonce got her hair sucked into a fan and kept singing… that's talent!

  19. SugarLPSTV schreef:

    They showed the same thing twice

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