Top 10 Smartest Celebrities

They’re internationally famous faces, with incredibly brilliant brains! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Smartest Celebrities! Subscribe►►… Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we’ve looked at any celebrity with a history of being cleverer than the average person.

Special thanks to our users Jefford Ray Mamacus, Topaz Ingenious and mac121mr0 for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at

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Hi. This is the part 20 of Celebrities Surprise Fans. I hope you will like it. Bye!

37 Responses to Top 10 Smartest Celebrities

  1. Carolyn N schreef:


  2. Donnie Buenaventura schreef:

    They are richer than 100% of the people who argue in the comment section so yeah.

  3. Becca Veber schreef:

    Hey me and Jodie foster of something in common, I've been able to read since I was 3 too!

  4. Actionguy™ schreef:

    Christoph Waltz is the best!

  5. Did Not Know What To Call It schreef:

    Where's Serj Tankian

  6. Sham Sher schreef:

    Wait let me guess before even watching the video…these "smartest" celebs are those who have finished some sort of school program or an IQ exam? If so, then how stupid it is.

  7. John Rambo schreef:

    In terms of IQ, the top 10 celebrities are:

    James Woods: 184
    Rowan Atkinson: 178
    Mayim Bialik: 163
    Dolph Lundgren: 160
    Quentin Tarantino: 160
    Conan O'Brien: 160
    Sylvester Stallone: 160
    Matt Damon: 160
    Geena Davis: 158
    Danica McKellar: 154

    And yes I know a a bunch of them tie, and idk if these numbers are accurate (although quite frankly idk why they wouldn't be). But bottom line is that the list this channel provides is rather stupid, and goes to show that this channel doesn't do any actual research, or even understand how to assess intelligence.

    Most psychometricians regard IQ tests as being statistically reliable at measuring intelligence.

    So I'd think that basing this list off IQ would make a lot more sense.

  8. Farrukh Babazade schreef:

    Kate Beckinsale is fluent at french and Russian and also has a degree from Oxford University.

  9. Prasad Subramanian schreef:

    dolph lundgren was a surprise

  10. The Silent Cobra Lurks schreef:

    What about Jane Fonda to me she seems to fit that mold of being incredibly brilliant

  11. Pope Lio schreef:

    why in ur channel avatar looks like the face of lenny face

  12. Kuro Neko Nyaa schreef:

    Ntatalie Portman clever? She is feminist, not clever. xD

  13. Seb0rn schreef:

    Snoop dogg is is in Mensa too and he is very intelligent (writing about human rights and stuff…). But being a Mensa member is not that special as many think. I could join to, my IQ is at 135 but I am not sure I will.

  14. Andrew Bydalek schreef:


  15. Peter M schreef:

    No wonder why the Queen made the best music ever!

  16. Richard schreef:

    Stephen Fry

  17. Mandelbulb schreef:

    List is just which muppet had the most brainwashing attempted in them. Lame. Sort by IQ score at least.

  18. ErikH schreef:

    Stephen Fry??

  19. Michael Swanton schreef:

    Where the fuck is Lil Pump

  20. Aaron Wantuck schreef:

    Holy cow on James Woods. Wow I thought my IQ of 141 was pretty good, but James woods is amazing at 181!

    Also I am sorry but Ben Stein is a complete and utter moron proving that although you may be perceived as intelligent you are actually very stupid. For example, the guy thinks creationism is true despite there being absolutely no evidence for it.

  21. Aleisa Carter schreef:

    IM THE BIGGEST NIALL HORAN FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Allie Daniels schreef:

    if I could have one thing in the whole world I would like to meet haylee Seinfeld she is my biggest inspiration to me and when I feel sad or just down I listen to her songs that makes me feel much better

  23. ED8 schreef:

    The second one was so obviously Ariana just from the voice

  24. MissDaisy1967 schreef:

    why do people act so silly… those two blond females… wow

  25. Random Channel schreef:

    240p? dislike

  26. Psyco Mantis schreef:

    I absolutely love this channel. I'll probably get a blister from how hard I clicked the sub button. You should do a kpop edition. That would be amazing!

  27. Valdemir Pinheiro Marinho schreef:

    Incrível é o carinho e a felicidade de um fan pelo seu artista favorito.
    Amazon-Brazil 2017.

  28. agentkajo schreef:

    just found ur channel yesterday and gonna spend the weekend by having fun during watching it. good job…but try to add celebs list…hugs

  29. Jamelees cool schreef:

    OMG ! from the weird voice that ariana grande made i said to myself that is definietly ariana grande

  30. David Lape schreef:

    Cookie monster!

  31. brian sogorka schreef:

    Wheres part 21. Not out yet??

  32. Corina Chappel schreef:


  33. MB schreef:

    4:42 cringe through fucking roof, bruh wtf

  34. Abby Amazing schreef:

    from the first question I knew it was her

  35. Kevin Gonzalez schreef:

    I just watched 20 of these in a row.

  36. Centennial schreef:

    Federica – so uplifting!! 🙂 Thank you.

  37. BlueRain schreef:

    I love how 97% of these are from Ellen.

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