Top 10 Viral Videos 2017 Wow! Amazing Beautiful Girl Catching Freshwater Snake With Hand In Cambodia

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Top 10 Viral Videos Amazing Brave Girl Catch Water Snake Using Hand / How to Catch Snake And Fishing

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19 Responses to Top 10 Viral Videos 2017 Wow! Amazing Beautiful Girl Catching Freshwater Snake With Hand In Cambodia

  1. rupak giri very nice can you teach us also schreef:

    how they eat snake

  2. Ger Gere schreef:

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  3. Ruth Silva schreef:


  4. advocacia lc schreef:

    Mulher corajosa Deus me livre!

  5. Wall painting Pintora schreef:

    Can I ask a question?
    Because in the video, do not they cut off the head to the snakes?
    I would love to see it.
    are you eathing the snakes?

  6. ปัทมาภรณ์ เพ็งวรรณ์ schreef:


  7. Jiktu Pargi schreef:


  8. يوميات رجل schreef:

    لااله الا الله محمد رسول الله

  9. Jasur Dostmuxamedov schreef:


  10. Lam Tai schreef:


  11. Lam Tai schreef:


  12. Sumit Pandey schreef:

    xxx vido

  13. white wolf schreef:

    WATS name of first song with cow

  14. J.k. M schreef:

    i thought at the beginning…"oh great not another Cambodian/animal porn film" based off the look of these ladies" but lucky me it wasn't that! pfewww

  15. Maicon Zeferino schreef:

    Essa vaca na coleira até parece um cachorro, ficava encarando a câmera. Esse povo come as cobras?

  16. ทัศวรรณ ชูกะหลี schreef:

    o my Got

  17. Andrew Kalinin schreef:

    damn, I wish she could play with my snake so well

  18. Maria Oliveira Inácio Inácio schreef:

    Pq eles pegam cobras? Pra vender ou pra comer?

  19. 柴田淳 schreef:


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