Top 30 funniest ever News bloopers

Laugh till you cry…….

19 Responses to Top 30 funniest ever News bloopers

  1. WakeeWakee schreef:

    11:03 Sounds like Tracy Morgan's sister.

  2. Mike Watkins schreef:

    #8 The birth of fake news

  3. Adelisa Skoko schreef:


  4. Abby Meaker schreef:


  5. I'm standing right behind you. schreef:

    Number 27 is in my country and in our news mostly they don't have many civilized debates,so it is very fun to watch.

  6. Superduperpingas Dude schreef:

    8:20 what did she even ate before this

  7. Marie Schou Leth-Kjær 6K Kragelund Skole schreef:

    The first is from Danish tv

  8. Daniel schreef:

    6:47 I think an employee who's had enough may have done that on purpose to get his abusive supervisor fired.

  9. Abel1120 schreef:

    fat cat, love it.

  10. ketchup schreef:

    When violence against men is consider funny, you know it is a matriarch

  11. rollingablunt288 schreef:

    That was so rude to follow that old man into his private property without asking. Not to mention it was unlawful as well

  12. M Solo schreef:

    "Ah shit… okay" I'm dead

  13. Original Mouse Man schreef:

    Something tells me a lot of unfortunate men have seen her tits.

  14. PhotoGeorge schreef:

    What in the H happened at 08:10??? I heard what sounded like 2 Gigantic FARTS and then she went down and took the whole set with her. The News Lady in front didn't even flinch.

  15. Jessa Beh schreef:

    aaaand… A.J. You're fired.

  16. ZODARIAN ! schreef:

    that last clip was awesome!!! love that old guy!!!

  17. Knightonagreyhorse schreef:

    Just walked into a camera again.

  18. a wild pidgey lvl 10 schreef:

    "Yeah and I gonna punch you again " typical rednecks

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