Twins ~ SCIENCE ~ [36] – Sqaishey & Stampy

by twid

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Hello and welcome to TWINS!
In this series myself and Stampy will be the best twins ever, building houses in biomes that suit our twinny-ness (that’s a word..)
We hope you enjoy watching our silly little adventures while we dress the same and have lots of fun.

Twins for life! Wooo 🙂

Thanks for watching and we hope you enjoy this video!

Sqaishey & Stampy

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19 Responses to Twins ~ SCIENCE ~ [36] – Sqaishey & Stampy

  1. dorito kid schreef:

    water doesnt freeze next to a furnace… try putting it somewhere else!

  2. BabyChicken 107 schreef:

    The what effect??

  3. Banana Buddiez schreef:

    Build the lab out of nether quartz

  4. bertilly meow! schreef:

    quartz looks sciency

  5. Nam Tran schreef:

    Maybe snow and glowstone?

  6. the gaming boy schreef:


  7. Abigale Bloomfield schreef:

    I thought that he was going to write on the sign microscopic something something.

  8. LOGbeaty 101 schreef:

    wow now we know the truth wow

  9. killykat911 schreef:

    I am

  10. graham sho schreef:

    when did this tern into jerime cile show

  11. blutuber gaming schreef:


  12. Good Fellow schreef:

    More like a gold digger

  13. Shaun Ensor schreef:

    87,070 ! yay

  14. Potato Potato schreef:

    What a nice, happy, bubbly and exuberant video! Great job! <333

  15. Cupcake Gaming schreef:


  16. Nicolas Wilson schreef:

    I think I should be gingerbread person

  17. Emma Dawson schreef:


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