Two and a half Men season 10 bloopers (gag reel)

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Most hilarious bloopers that anyone could have ever seen.
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Please watch: “The Office – Bloopers/Gag Reel”

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36 Responses to Two and a half Men season 10 bloopers (gag reel)

  1. Jack Wagon schreef:

    None of that shit is funny

  2. mike ryan schreef:

    Ashton is more like laurel from the hardy brothers

  3. CPT AWESOME schreef:

    Why does Allen remind me of a mix of all of the impractical jokers

  4. darth ultor schreef:

    Why does jake wear a army costume

  5. Dominik P schreef:

    One season without cutting the bloopers would be great

  6. Marci Samms schreef:

    Cryer so talented

  7. Will Epps schreef:

    Angus is a douchebag.

  8. kitten mittens schreef:

    Not gunna lie I liked it better with Charlie

  9. RAY S schreef:

    8:51 should've been included in the final version of the episode

  10. Michaella schreef:

    I thought it was them singing

  11. zomb13 mincraft schreef:

    I agree Ashton is adorable here,as always the trooper,but nothing beats charlie! in this show!

  12. Achilles Edi Corleone schreef:

    No Charlie No Comedy

  13. fernando augusto andrade schreef:

    without charlie it is very bad

  14. kkblues k schreef:

    where is charlie??:))

  15. Akshay Kedro schreef:

    show is nothing without charlie

  16. Dominika Magdalena96 schreef:

    Actually, such an opening would be fine :D.

  17. Matheus Felipe schreef:


  18. Jon's Dimension schreef:

    Is it just me or the bloopers were funnier then the series itself?

  19. x Strawberry o schreef:

    Don't move don't smile…pew pew pew

  20. TheBlackHeart4530 schreef:

    I can't stop laughing!!! I'm not kidding HELP!!!! XDXDXD

  21. TheBlackHeart4530 schreef:


  22. Diego Castaneda schreef:

    I used to watch rush when I was around 7 with my dad but now he is sick and my DVD is now broken. Wow I wish I could do the same thing

  23. Fredes Eduardo schreef:

    I like the one with horses ahaha

  24. Angel Herrera schreef:

    Most awesome movie of all time

  25. Bloody Raff schreef:

    " His name is Lee god dammit "

  26. Marko Antic schreef:

    Ancient teachings of booty.

  27. 平井 もも Momo schreef:

    This is my favorite pair. They have one of the best on screen and off screen chemistry.

  28. John Key schreef:

    His name is Lee goddamn it!

  29. harpreet singh schreef:

    Jackie Chan…. we love you all

  30. Joie Gray schreef:

    •Jackie crashes into the room•
    •everyone laughs•
    "Its freeze"

  31. andrei andrei schreef:

    where are the fking bloopers???

  32. Tyler Brazile schreef:

    tf wheres the gefilte fish blooper

  33. Kev T schreef:

    These were at the end of the film

  34. nina hrast schreef:

    Jackie Chan is awesome

  35. Snowbby Chen schreef:

    Jackie chan and lucy liu were my only role models when i was little bc there weren't any other asian lead roles so they hold a verrrrry special place in my heart ❤️ we need more asian lead roles… i also really like the asian guy from 13 reasons why and riverdale

  36. Ricky Benitez schreef:

    @ 1:15 and 1:39 L.O.L

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