Ultimate Fails Compilation 2013 || Best Fails of the Year!

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The ULTIMATE fails compilation of the year! It has been a fantastic year for fails, here is the best picks from 2013 by FailArmy. Enjoy!

We ensure and carry out checks that no one was seriously hurt in any of our videos. Some of the more intense videos such as the skydivers at 14:00 all survived and landed safely.

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17 Responses to Ultimate Fails Compilation 2013 || Best Fails of the Year!

  1. soccerqueen n schreef:

    3:40 not funny

  2. Amela Edrenic schreef:


  3. MrGumbwit schreef:

    8:46 blood

  4. Fruitninjadragon 203 schreef:


  5. Sergio Iván González schreef:

    Lol the dumb fuck who kept trying to break the windshield

  6. josef-olivia Transit schreef:

    she has nice titties .

  7. Digger schreef:

    Couldn't happen to two better tattooed chaps. Tattoos..the Mullet of the 21st Century.

  8. Rajkiran Pramanik schreef:

    Where can you find the most dumb people?

    The irony is athough literacy rate is high, most of them have no idea about BASIC PHYSICS

  9. stephen epps schreef:

    How many people were killed doing this stupid sh*t?

  10. Maeve E schreef:

    See source: why women live longer than men.

    [[im joking]]

  11. James Prado schreef:

    "Hahahaha Fucking Pussy"

  12. James Prado schreef:


  13. FIGHTTHETEMPLES schreef:

    18:30 what's happening?

  14. MrFrieden69 schreef:

    30:45 Holy fuck! Did the driver survive?

  15. Allison Sharp schreef:

    This is more try not to cringe because when ever someone gets hurt I just cringe

  16. Deadblast schreef:

    It's ok if I watch this after 3 years , right?

  17. Leandro Zoraide schreef:


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