by kdee64


Starring: Analeigh Tipton, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Michael Kelly
Viral Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Analeigh Tipton Movie

Following the outbreak of a virus that wipes out the majority of the human population, a young woman documents her family’s new life in quarantine and tries to protect her infected sister.

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Video Rating: / 5

36 Responses to VIRAL DOBLAO 5

  1. Valentina Farias schreef:

    0:16 "pero cuchito" kdljsskjssj XDDDD

  2. benja .P schreef:

    0:16 el mejor ctm con el primero

  3. Felipe Camus schreef:


  4. SkullkidTM schreef:

    "Ay que está haciendo mi gatitoh"

  5. benjamin 222221 schreef:


  6. Catalunx Dixon schreef:

    sube mas po weon:(

  7. GdeGabriel xD schreef:

    Recien conoci el canal, he visto 3 videos y en todos me mate de la risa, saludos xD

  8. Benja Alejandro V.O schreef:

    -Haay que ta haciendo mi gatito
    -Te voy a wear yo cuando te tai bañiando?
    -Ah pero cochito
    -No me wei po

    mori con esa parte sjajdskak

  9. Pedro Briones schreef:

    ujuuu que lindo el pony aer sale d eaki wn sale wn ajajjajajajaj

  10. David gamer schreef:

    porfa suscribanse a dj lyonmax

  11. Anthoine schreef:

    "gallina con orejas" jajajajajaja

  12. Leo David schreef:

    te voy a weiar cuando te estai bañando askdjhaskfdjash mori XD

  13. Mario Marambio schreef:

    que loco

  14. martin wlass schreef:


  15. CrisCCH schreef:


  16. jdkd yo schreef:

    0:34 es mikol jerson o como sea

  17. vale-n-tina T schreef:

    buen video mijo ;)

  18. TomyLdeA EVLC Crew.:V schreef:

    Cuidao con el rush!!!jajajajajjaja wn weno xd

  19. theGOAT g schreef:

    Clickers from the last of us

  20. jasminder bajwa schreef:

    you know what makes movies like this more fearful?, the fact that the actual virus strand exist which can wipe out humana

  21. Matt here ASMR Reading schreef:

    this looks good. and it has sofia black which is awesome

  22. Taylar E. schreef:

    I'm just here for MGK

  23. deano brown schreef:

    28 days later meets the strain

  24. Siti Humaira schreef:

    When I watch this trailer it reminds me of train to busan except that it's not in a train.

  25. Princess Saucy schreef:

    those damn worms got me shook.

  26. безымянный незнакомец schreef:


  27. jonathan parker schreef:

    Well… that make perfect since! virus is spreading so lets have a party! lol we don't even need to watch this movie because already knew who gonna die. the people that left the house RIP

  28. Slayer King schreef:

    28 days later

  29. Alexandra “Alex” Colace schreef:


  30. Afua Oteng schreef:

    0:48 anyone else flinch so hard?

  31. Zuan Idrys schreef:

    Train to Busan is much better

  32. orehcele schreef:

    Movie is called "Viral", it's about parasites :/

  33. Pnscar Doe schreef:

    had to be the black girl to die first, oooh its not racism, they just don't want to pay her very much …. hmmm which is worse … or is it the same thing

  34. SeanHolmes schreef:

    0:44 thats troye hahaha.. you'[re all fuckin welcome

  35. rock star schreef:

    me crying after Hillary lost

  36. TheNappySailor schreef:

    that was a great movie

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