Viral Video filipina! MashUp! turn on to this Girl😍

maka turn on! maka tomboy! ly babe😁😘
This girl singing mash up songs Roses by: Chainsmoker , Tatlong Bibe , Habits by: Tove Lo , Middle by: dj Snake. Beautiful voice!😍 simple and talented.Thumbs up for this Girl 👍👍

Her friend taking video and upload to Fb.

Mugstorya Page

If you want information about her just comment below👇👇

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14 Responses to Viral Video filipina! MashUp! turn on to this Girl😍

  1. Victor Aton schreef:

    anu po name nya?upload more video please

  2. Shiela Endaya schreef:

    Wow galing ni ate

  3. Eddie Mata schreef:

    ano pangalan niya ganda ng boses po

  4. Joannah Villavicencio schreef:

    Woah. galing!

  5. Mako Stephen Marino schreef:

    ang galing nyo po

  6. Frances Grana schreef:

    Taga saan po cya???

  7. franklin ferrer schreef:

    Idol .. <3

  8. lorelie nacion schreef:

    kamukha nya ung nag audition sa the voice roses din ung kinanta.

  9. manuel barbas schreef:

    ho apil og the voice nice gyud kaau tone sa imong voice aii…sure ko mo sikat ka..

  10. Mark Zyrus Calabitin schreef:

    Sarap Ng Babae!

  11. francis artaste schreef:

    idol ko yan

  12. Nigel Pogi schreef:

    ganda ng idol ko

  13. arlene pulgo schreef:

    wow.. mka turn on ka girl.. sayang sana lalaki lang ako grabe……. ikaw na talaga.. i want to meet u soon as i can .. 🙂

  14. Jonel Amante schreef:

    Kita clevage nya

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