Viral video: Girl rushes to aid toddler in fall from third floor balcony


In the event of an emergency, many don’t hesitate to give a helping hand. A 12-year-old girl in central China’s Henan Province took this quite literally, using her bare hands without hesitation.

Although she didn’t catch the two-year-old boy, boxes on a row of electric bikes did the job. The toddler then bounced off the boxes and onto the ground, but Chen swiftly plucked him to safety. The child was promptly sent to hospital, where it was determined his injuries were not life threatening.

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5 Responses to Viral video: Girl rushes to aid toddler in fall from third floor balcony

  1. Left Anti PC schreef:

    Omg, she did not catch the kid, lucky the kid looked ok, why even play that?

  2. Hyperborean Colonialism schreef:

    ching chang wah ling hei wa?Lang'er hen hung chang lian'er….aiiiiyahhh

  3. JF17 Thunder schreef:

    mirically child saved..God bless on child and girls as well

  4. naronone kaei schreef:

    God Bless

  5. Ilha Youn schreef:

    Uh… she missed completely… baby hit the floor but still survived. Miracle baby!

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