WALKING WATER Easy Kids Science Experiments

A fun and easy science experiment for kids. This simple experiment requires cups, water, food colouring, and paper towels. Children will learn about mixing colours and absorption.

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Here’s what you’ll need:
Clear glasses/cups
Food Coloring
Paper Towels

19 Responses to WALKING WATER Easy Kids Science Experiments

  1. Izzy Simister schreef:


  2. mini ann schreef:

    Which paint is that.plz tell me the name

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  6. Be Still schreef:

    you are adorable

  7. Cool Buddies schreef:

    which colour it is

  8. ll CPTREX799 ll schreef:

    yo i won a science fair with this trick or thing thx so much

  9. KidsToyShow TV schreef:

    That is so cool, I will be trying this with my kids tomorrow. Thanks for sharing

  10. Oliver Mayes schreef:

    The paper roles obsorb the water not walking water

  11. Kayla Bishop schreef:

    So cool love the color idea

  12. Its Natiebree schreef:

    wow nice now I have something for my science project thanks!!

  13. pandian guru schreef:

    tell things u used and name

  14. Eoin P Malone schreef:

    your special sweet

  15. emma orr schreef:

    Fab video!

  16. Sandra Spira schreef:

    How did you break your arm

  17. Victor Enos schreef:

    this is a good video

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