Ways to Be Wicked (CARscendants Official Video)

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Music video by Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart performing Ways to Be Wicked. (C) 2017 Walt Disney Records

Video Rating: / 5

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Directed by: Andrew Donoho
DoP: Nate Hurtsellers
Prod. Co.: Diktator

35 Responses to Ways to Be Wicked (CARscendants Official Video)

  1. Aaliyah Woodruff schreef:

    China:BooBoo BooBoo:Lets Go!!!!!!

  2. mrbelleci schreef:


  3. Lily Emery schreef:

    Where are they driving?

  4. Isabella Barbosa schreef:


  5. Sabrina jauregui schreef:

    im obssesed

  6. Sameera Begum schreef:

    China looks like she doesn't know the lyrics

  7. AshleyLovesGaming YT schreef:


  8. Канышай Белекова schreef:

    аж машина трясётся

  9. blueberryblastful schreef:

    They're not even singing

  10. Doug Byers schreef:

    Plz follow me it n musiclly

  11. Andielovesyou9 schreef:

    That is cute lol I love Disney

  12. lps lover schreef:

    Are u gonna make descents every year

  13. Ebele Ejiofor schreef:

    i love you i am your bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbigest fan so many way to be wicked

  14. Harris_ Productions schreef:

    Am I the only one that thinks there not actually driving and has a green screen

  15. Julia Hurley schreef:

    I got an ad for Chillin Like a Villain before the vid XD

  16. Claribel Veslino schreef:

    I want a 100 one

  17. G lolzzz schreef:

    We need more carsendants!!

  18. Patricia LIMETA schreef:

    nice song

  19. Mackenzie Griggs schreef:


  20. Luiza Camargos Batista schreef:


  21. Puma Crack schreef:

    like WhatsApp

  22. Vinicio Barragan schreef:

    Sexy girls

  23. nic defendis schreef:

    One day you will all regret that you listened to this shit

  24. Vinicio Barragan schreef:

    818 millions views

  25. Edward Bravo schreef:

    Someone listen a frog

  26. DemoNek 03 schreef:

    I love this song

  27. ddeniss 03 schreef:

    sad but op song

  28. Rhayssa Helena schreef:

    Please don't forget

  29. Wemerson Duarte schreef:

    Alguém do brazil

  30. andrej tamminen schreef:

    моя любимая песня в мире

  31. Yan Games schreef:


  32. solomon martinez schreef:

    i like this song

  33. Antony Gabriel schreef:

    só eu de brasileiro por aqui??

  34. YouCarlos schreef:

    alguém em 2017,2018,2019…?

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