We are Terrible at Jumping | Skywars Bloopers (Hypixel Skywars)

Here is a bunch of fails while trying to record random traps & videos with other youtubers or solo! Enjoy 😀

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20 Responses to We are Terrible at Jumping | Skywars Bloopers (Hypixel Skywars)

  1. SteveIGN schreef:

    I actually recorded this video for Zyph.

  2. BHazza96YT schreef:

    how did u make the end screen?

  3. Esmeree / Emma schreef:

    That laugh is precious

  4. KylePlayz schreef:

    what even is your laugh

  5. Othneil schreef:

    your laugh tho

  6. iSpy PvP schreef:

    Nice Outro LOL

  7. _Pyx schreef:

    Viewer #1001

  8. iFlameGaming schreef:

    I thought all you do is a fail lel

  9. Blubot schreef:

    You forgot to put the stuff at the end

  10. Gaffy ツ schreef:

    Your laugh is a with laugh.

  11. Gaffy ツ schreef:

    Here before 1k views.

  12. Planet Micro schreef:

    I got an from hypixel for a month for clicking too fast :T so I won't be on stream for a while 🙁 anyways, amazing video as always

  13. lahta schreef:

    loved the video zyph keep up the good work

  14. CLAMERNONE schreef:

    Hey , I know this is advertisement but it's the only way I can show my channel to others, Hi I am CLAMERNONE, I make gaming videos.. 2/4 Minecraft 2/4 other random games… My Minecraft content is only PvP so no build battles and such….. Please give my channel a try, not saying you have to subscribe if you don't like the content but if you do like it then be sure to subscribe… I know this seems extremely scammy and such but my old channel has 157 subscribers and it was all luck but when the luck left me, I didn't grow and didn't want to advertise but people recommend advertising your channel so you can get some attention and the stop doing it after a while so that's what I am doing, please give me a chance… Thanks

  15. Indolence schreef:

    your laugh makes it 10 times better xD

  16. TheMojoLemon schreef:

    Ahaha he…

  17. Frad // Door Jesus schreef:

    you should another video like this but from the streams

  18. NoraPlaysMc -Minecraft And More! schreef:

    I remember when you used to stream mineplex 😛 now you are growing really fast and soon will be YT rank. I hope you keep me on your friends list when you the YT rank

  19. NoraPlaysMc -Minecraft And More! schreef:


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