What Sega-developed Sports Games Are Worth Playing Today? – Segadrunk

What Sega-developed Sports Games Are Worth Playing Today? - Segadrunk

[1:02] Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf
[2:04] Tommy Lasorda Baseball
[2:44] Pat Riley Basketball
[3:12] World Championship Soccer
[3:40] Ayrton Senna’s Super Monaco GP II
[4:21] Mario Lemieux Hockey
[4:56] Buster Douglas Knock Out Boxing (Taito)
[5:32] Joe Montana series (EA)

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Humans Are Amazing Sports

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33 Responses to What Sega-developed Sports Games Are Worth Playing Today? – Segadrunk

  1. Jeff G schreef:

    Wow dude, a Sega sports game video without Greatest Heavyweights or Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing?

    Damn, I love your videos, but this one's a swing and a miss.

  2. Ramjet164 schreef:

    I believe Buster Douglas was a port of an arcade game called final blow.

  3. M. Ålander schreef:

    Best fotboll game ever: Nintendo World Cup… Why ? You can "kill" the other teams players if you tackle them xD

  4. John Gotti Jr schreef:

    Joe Montana was the Tom Brady of his time, LOL. No dude, tommy wishes he went 5-0 in Super Bowls.

  5. Forlorn79 schreef:

    "Breaks a tackle! Makes a move! I can't believe it!"

  6. NickInfante1992 schreef:

    It was Joe Montana Sport Talk Football '93 that started using the NFL License then NFL Football '94 Starring Joe Montana used both the NFL and the NFLPA License.

  7. Redjed 1 schreef:

    Taito's name is actually pronounced “Tie-Toe.”

  8. Yudo NeidaNo schreef:

    tecmo bowl, rad racer, Rc pro-am, double dribble, bases loaded 4, baseball simulator 1.000 >>> anything shown here.

    montana 2 was a quality title though which NFL football 94 improved upon later.

  9. AquaDump Entertainment schreef:

    I played the Christ on a cross out of Joe Montana II Sport's Talk Football back in the day. The two best plays in the game were the fake punt and fake field goal. I was a huge Bengals fan at the time (not sure why…my favorite animal when I was a kid was a tiger, so that's how superficial I was), so I hated owning a Joe Montana game, but it was fun as balls. Also, at 4:43 I think you meant "NHL '94". Wink. Smiley face.

  10. The Retro Sports Gamer schreef:

    Great video! I wasn't too impressed with any of the games you were showing until Joe Montana II Sports Talk Football. I'm going to have to pick that one up and give it a go. Also, I think Mario Lemieux Hockey might be worth a pick up as well, since you say it kind of controls like Blades of Steel. Which game out of the games reviewed here do you think is the best?

  11. dy120481 schreef:

    It's hard to overstate just how impressive Buster Douglas was visually when it first came out.

  12. Bones Jackson schreef:

    Yeah it is true. Tho snes has my favorite baseball game the first Griffey. That extra speed of the Genesis shines in the NHL series and really most sports titles. Major win to Genesis = Mutant League Hockey and Football.

  13. Bill Byers schreef:

    Joe Montana, the Tom Brady of his time. This patriots fan and fan of your videos approves! Keep up the good work, snesdrunk, your videos bring back really good memories of my youth (back when the patriots sucked, and nearly moved to St. Louis)

  14. Jim Thomas schreef:

    Good Video, i really liked the comparisons made between the systems, i always loved mike ditka power football growing up.

  15. Kent Maddox schreef:

    I might have to pick up a few of those games. Tournament Golf & Super Monaco GP II really caught my eye.

  16. Dallon Verhaeghe schreef:

    I've been binging your reviews, and a notification just popped up for this video. I'm really enjoying them, and there are so many games that you talk about that no one ever mentions and that's awesome.

  17. Armani's collection schreef:

    he wrote humans are amazing sports humans are not sports

  18. Gatsingo Mediatv schreef:

    what the f***?

  19. Jason Voorhes schreef:

    i would like to see aliens or any other species do this shit

  20. Joseph Stalin schreef:

    should have included aussie rules

  21. Awesome Hanson schreef:

    It's funny how my initials are H.F

  22. Nikunj Ranka schreef:


  23. Moi Gei schreef:

    Torilla tavataan pojat

  24. Jerann Gilashmo schreef:

    Why not Zidane's volley for France. That was that best goal in soccer history

  25. Fael Touri schreef:

    oh my good it's amazing! !!

  26. harrison james schreef:

    all american sports..

  27. Bryson Fields schreef:


  28. Bryson Fields schreef:

    Du the OBJ catch

  29. Dark Devil878 schreef:


  30. Sparkly Raccoon schreef:

    only thing that could have been better is more live commentary on the clips.


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  32. Tom Young schreef:

    How many likes this gets is how many times I've watched this

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