When Babies Prefer Mom Over Dad | Viral Videos

When Babies Prefer Mom Over Dad | Viral Videos

This baby loves his mom…maybe he just needs a little more time with pop pop.

When Babies Prefer Mom Over Dad | Viral Videos

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26 Responses to When Babies Prefer Mom Over Dad | Viral Videos

  1. Fretzie Mae Olivar schreef:

    so lol 😀

  2. xXGhoulishNinjaTurtleXx schreef:

    I was definitely that baby all those years ago. Whenever my Dad held me and my mom walked in the room, I always wanted Mom.

  3. Jnet Egiziaco schreef:

    poor dad, he wants baby's love

  4. Emily Thomas schreef:

    That's really cute and my cousin does the same thing it's pretty funny and I'm a huge fan of afv I watched it ever since I was born and it gives me so many ideas for what funny videos I could do next

  5. fraziermay schreef:

    Total burn on daddy. ☹️

  6. Baum Wande schreef:

    Sooo Kute

  7. Ninja Gamer X.X schreef:

    LMAO, I'm a guy, so I should be worried lol

  8. Noah Espinosa schreef:

    Ohh noooo

  9. Izak Animations schreef:


  10. Jose Ramirez schreef:

    eat shit

  11. Bumps Trash schreef:


  12. Its me schreef:

    Real women look soooo much better than the drags

  13. Ania Khan schreef:

    you are stupid

  14. Mariana Alarcon schreef:

    la primera chica, hizo un buen maquillaje en ojos…pero lo pasó a chingar por completo con esos labios rojos, parece paleta payaso!!

  15. _ Emilynutellaly _ schreef:

    Is it just me who watches this stuff and then looks at their own makeup and wonders wether they could do that but they're too lazy? Just me? Ok then.

  16. Popular The Client schreef:

    Wow this is so beautiful #VeryBeauty

  17. K Hun schreef:

    Don't do the coconut oil makeup remover one. Coconut oil is comedogenic. It clogs your pores.

  18. Ahamed Kamaal schreef:

    omggg heavy makeup did they take more thn hours to wash their face lol

  19. zapril makara schreef:

    AH PRETTY! They are very talented thats amazing make up! they all look happy doing what they are doing!!!

  20. Iris Skledar schreef:

    at 7:45 the girl look's like the main charecter from castle

  21. Jae Char schreef:

    the first ones makeup was good no AMAZING

  22. Helin Kılıçaslan schreef:

    who came here for thumbnails???

  23. ines sari schreef:

    i vostri trucchi sono speciali mi è piaciuto soprattutto il trucco con la rete perché c'è nessuna ragazza potrebbe farsi il trucco così ha deciso così quindi comprate rettili comprate alla iper MIX io voglio saperlo ok

  24. ines sari schreef:

    wow vorrei anch'io fare come voi però non ho il trucco giusto niente per potermi truccare io ho scaricato un app per le carte fai le foto a qualcuno e poi viene il trucco ci sono le facce del trucco cigno incantevole tutti i tipo che si vuole si possono anche scaricare altri tipi se fossi come voi sarei davvero fortunata però ognuno a se stesso quindi ciao

  25. Izabela Sorina uau Ferstean schreef:

    zici că a fost zână a 2 a fată

  26. Gloribel Figueroa schreef:

    roses are red violets are blue you came for the thumbnail didn't you?!

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