World Amazing Modern Latest Intelligent Technology Heavy Equipment Mega Machines Construction

by DESQie

World Amazing Modern Latest Intelligent Technology Heavy Equipment Mega Machines Construction

World Amazing Modern Latest Intelligent Technology Heavy Equipment Mega Machines. Agriculture, energy production, construction, mechanical engineering and renovation of railway. The wave power plant, the most powerful crane, a huge cargo helicopter, huge jackhammer, ring hammer drill, rail replacement, polishing of acrylic dome with diamond cutter, dumper, thai truck, trencher, ditcher, excavator, harvester, loader, sucker for hatches, collecting tennis balls device, cars and a bulldozer competition, automatic collection of mandarins and much more inventions. USA, Brazil, Germany, Thailand, Danmark and other countries of Europe and Asia.

Современные невероятные технологии и мега машины. Сельское хозяйство, производство энергии, строительство и ремонт железных дорог. Волновая электростанция, самый мощный кран, огромный грузовой вертолет, огромный отбойный молоток, кольцо-перфоратор, замена рельсов, полировка акрилового купола алмазным резцом, самосвал, тайский грузовик, траншеекопатель, присоска для люков, приспособление для сбора теннисных мячиков, состязание бульдозера и машин, автоматический сбор мандаринов и многое другое. США, Бразилия, Германия, Дания, Таиланд и другие страны Европы и Азии.

Latest world Technology Construction Building 2017 – Modern Machine Construction works very fast
Latest Technology Construction Building 2016 – Amazing Modern Machine Construction works Best ever
Latest world Technology Construction Building 2017 – Modern Machine Construction works very fast
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  1. All The Amazing 01 schreef:


  2. Varun Tiwari schreef:

    please add some explanation !about what they r actually doing

  3. Eurocontrol Ecuador schreef:

    ¿Que función cumplen esas máquinas que tienen 2 elementos en forma de "boya" que se mueven al ritmo del mar?

  4. Anwar Musadad schreef:

    i not understand abou this video

  5. David Dussold schreef:


  6. Brajraj Yaduvanshi schreef:

    good machine

  7. Rob Koch schreef:

    The highway being torn apart was interesting but I would have liked an explanation. Then I really didn't understand what the "sludge cleaning robot" was doing in that large pit… was it unclogging the drainage pipes under the sludge? Who knows, so for that reason thumbs down.

  8. Marco Bozzo schreef:

    please classic music

  9. Marco Bozzo schreef:

    orrible music

  10. Satpal Singh schreef:


  11. Satpal Singh schreef:


  12. SH ExcavatorHeavy schreef:

    Modern Old

  13. AndyTom schreef:

    Why the Mexican circus trucks tho?

  14. Daniel schreef:

    i hear mortal kombat theme in there lol awesome

  15. Vikash Yadav schreef:


  16. Dumitru Scupra schreef:

    buen video me gusta

  17. Sertan tc schreef:

    Way arkadaş ya adamlar da ne teknoloji varmis bizde sifir yeminle. kafamiz ancak belden asagi Calisir. başka icraat yoktur.

  18. james bower schreef:

    finally someone had the common sense to make a shit blower

  19. Big Tom schreef:

    the mrtal kombat music why…?


    the warning of futurism and gluternany against her Africa  queen Africa nancy mpanzu aviation school air born deseases emporror Arnold  just in design man made disaters of the centuries  in design and concept

  21. Stefano Lombardi schreef:

    esiste da dieci anni che.nuova…

  22. Bill Dixon schreef:

    only thing that I see is it takes seasoned masons, and some day soon they will be no more.  No one wants to be block layers anymore.  They want to play video games and wait for someone to feed them.  The future of construction is bleak for labor.  Robots and 3d printing is gonna change everything.

  23. joebonsaipoland schreef:

    Wait, a guy with a screw driver can just scratch his way into your house threw a wall? WTF? No thanks, I will take fired red brick please!

  24. Shaun Morgan schreef:

    6:31 material is harmless to health. Since when has cutting something made of silica sand harmless to health? Silica dust causes lung disease and lung cancer. It only takes a very small amount of airborne silica dust to create a health hazard.

  25. Henrik Lundgaard schreef:

    This tech is not even close to being new and is a clear rip off of old tech. I built a house in 1993 with Hebel aerated concrete blocks which is identical.

  26. Scott schreef:

    Cool bricks… stupid background music.

  27. consistent printing services schreef:

    there is nothing such as muslim music because music is prohibited in islamic teaching music in the back ground might be any thing other than " islamic music" any body who has up loaded this back ground music is a retard ..

  28. John Doe schreef:

    So that's how ISIS will rebuild those ancient monuments !.

  29. Darth Teabagger schreef:

    i can hear the subliminal muslim music playing in the background, they're all terrorists!!

  30. Jason kc schreef:

    wow..that's great… how much will it coast

  31. saboter le schreef:

    ytong or jihad

  32. saboter le schreef:

    ytong akbar

  33. xdrfox schreef:

    pretty easy to break into… huh !

  34. Andy Crook schreef:

    How not to build pyramids…

  35. 自强 schreef:

    fake news

  36. ardi kule schreef:

    I love the song in the background. Its great for relaxing. What is the title of the song?

  37. EmraaN JaaN schreef:


  38. MrFredSed schreef:

    Where are the thumbnail machines? … and when do the extremeists sstart shouting Allahu Akbar and blowing themselvs up?

  39. renzann concio schreef:

    If i have money i can build my own home with this

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