World’s most brutal failures 2010 compilation

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19 Responses to World’s most brutal failures 2010 compilation

  1. Sinisterage schreef:

    Some of these were real funny, but "most brutal"? Nah not even close.

  2. blotterhead schreef:

    The gator getting that morons hand is awesome!

  3. Phil Mitchell schreef:

    I give this video 8 out of 10 as I was only able to masterbate to parts of it

  4. Klate Wilson schreef:

    What a height he reaches at 3:12

  5. JbT 2005 schreef:

    By TwisterNederland, by TwisterNederland, but i am Dutch, and there stand By TwisterNederland…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Brendon Lewis schreef:

    0:45 that's what happened to me

  7. Dylan Aurian schreef:

    he need some milk

  8. Justin Case schreef:

    Brutal my arse.

  9. Lee Fleming schreef:

    Who thought it was a good idea to make the back board of a basketball net out of glass?

  10. Alice Ulapala schreef:

    Makes me wonder how true the intelligence we pride ourselves on is.

  11. Andrea Toniolo schreef:

    guys what's the last song name? ????

  12. MissKateUK2 schreef:

    If you didn't see just what happens at 2:55, watch it again in slow-motion.

  13. WOLFAY BLACKMOON schreef:

    6:39 greece

  14. goody400 plays schreef:

    โ”ณโ”ป| _
    โ”ปโ”ณ| โ€ข.โ€ข) Daddy, is this comment original?
    (า‚`_ยด) -NO SON! IT'S COPIED AND PASTED!!
    <,๏ธปโ•ฆโ•คโ”€ า‰

  15. Dhaval Vasaiya schreef:

    I find this videos extremely satisfying !!!

  16. Sven Bjork schreef:

    "World's most brutal"?!? Not even close. Just your typical fail video. Thumbed down solely for exaggerated misleading click-bait title.

  17. Denijal Puskar schreef:

    shity video..!

  18. John Jensen schreef:

    Worlds most brutal? Don't waste your time on this one.

  19. Erc Misanthrope schreef:

    get this eurotrash bullshit music out of the video you fucking gweedo

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