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11 Basic Ways to Keep Cool in Summer Heat

Summer is the warmest season of the year. It’s the time that most people spend time outside or go on vacation to have fun in the sun.

Even though basking in the sun feels enjoyable, keeping cool is essential for your health. Exposure to extreme heat can be dangerous to anyone, but especially pregnant women, older and younger people, and those with health complications.

Here are 11 tips for keeping cool as you enjoy summertime.

1. Enjoy Summer by Participating in Indoor Activities

From 11 am to 3:30 pm, the outside temperature can be at its hottest. To stay cool and away from the harsh sun, you can either choose to stay indoors or visit locations with good air conditioning.

If you want to enjoy your summer without breaking the bank, there are plenty of inexpensive options such visiting a nearby library, go shopping at the mall, having friends over for a movie, going to lunch, and more.

2. Make Arrangements Before Summer Arrives

Planning on how to stay cool during summer will save you from experiencing a heat-related illness. Before stepping out into the heat, it is important to plan ahead. Be sure to check the temperature to properly prepare your outfit, cooling towel, etc.

3. Find Out Places with Protective Shades

If you plan to be outside for a little longer, find out whether where you’re going had shade, such as a covered picnic environment or trees. If there isn’t much shade cover, be sure to bring a sun umbrella, hat, cooling towel, and plenty of sunscreen.

4. Choose Your Outfit Wisely

The choice of clothes can also determine how you feel about the summer heat. Light-colored clothes are the best if you want to stay cooler.

Avoid dark-colored clothes at all costs as they will absorb heat.

When you feel your body is heating up, you can quickly cool it down by dipping your feet and hands in cold water.

5. Drink A lot of Water

When it’s hot, you will sweat and lose a lot of liquid, so you will need to drink a lot of water and avoid dehydration.

Dehydration has symptoms that include: dry mouth, confusion or dizziness, and subsequent headaches. If not monitored, dehydration can cause heat exhaustion.

During summer, it is recommended that you avoid caffeine and instead drink a sports drink that can replenish the lost sugar, salt, and fluids.

6. Take Caution When Doing Your Exercise

Before and after any physical exercise, ensure you drink a lot of water. Consider also drinking fluids containing sodium and carbohydrates to replenish the lost electrolytes and glucose, such as Gatorade or Body Armor.

Wear light weight clothing, bring a cooling towel, and try to workout in shade if you can. Be sure to take breaks as needed and listen to your body.

7. Make Sure Your Home is Cool

During the summer, it is necessary to keep your home cool to escape the heat. Keeping your home cool will allow you to enjoy summer without being uncomfortably hot.

It may seem a good idea to open your doors and windows during the summer, but the opposite is better. Keeping your doors and windows closed will ensure that the hot air stays out and the cool air stays in.

It’s also a good idea to check on the home’s lighting system. Some LED bulbs can produce excessive heat while lighting your home. Consider turning the lights off when you can to help keep the temperature down.

8. Try Avoid Using Appliances That Emit A Lot of Heat

Summer is the perfect time to grill out, and this is the perfect excuse. While your oven may be one of the appliances you use most of the time, it can quickly heat up your home when it’s on.

Cooking outdoors can help avoid anymore unnecessary heat from lingering in your home.

9. Invest in a Good Dehumidifier

If humidity is not regulated, it can make the heat even worse. Invest in a good dehumidifier and place it in a room where you spend most of your time.

The dehumidifier will absorb considerable moisture from the air, making it less sticky and humid.

10. Drink Alcohol Responsibly

In summer, sitting on the patio and cracking a beer with friends might be your go-to Friday night, and you don’t have to give it up. However, making sure to drink plenty of water while drinking can help regulate your body temperature.

Beat the Heat

The summertime heat can be ruthless. While we can’t take away the heat from summer, these proven simple tricks and tips will help you beat the heat to stay cool.

Summer activities can be so fun, but without taking preventive measures, it may end in an avoidable ugly scene. Hydrate, stay cool, and be safe all summer long.

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