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13 Easy & Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

Warm weather is right around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about ditching the dull colors of winter and brightening your spaces with the colors and styles of spring. Whether your goal this spring is to minimize clutter, maximize color or get active, there’s a style choice for you. Let’s take a look at the top 10 design trends for the 2023 spring season.

1. Embrace Green

This year, we’re embracing green. It’s the color of spring, so why not incorporate it into your home decor. Consider adding a few potted plants or investing in some green throw pillows or curtains. You may even consider adding a green accent wall or a green border to your living area walls. By adding green to your home décor, you may notice many benefits, including an improved mood and a feeling of being better connected to nature.

This is because the color green is soothing and can have a calming effect on your mind. It’s also the color of plants and the great outdoors. After all, when winter fades, the grass turns from brown to green, and the trees regrow all of their beautiful green leaves.

2. Use Bright Colors

Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings, and you can give your home a new beginning by taking a page from history. After all, throughout history, the arrival of spring has been celebrated by many cultures. The ancient Greeks celebrated it with the festival of Anthesteria, which honored the wine god, Dionysus. The ancient Romans celebrated spring with the festival of Floralia, which was a time of feasting, dancing and offering flowers. The Native American cultures in the United States celebrated spring by performing rituals and ceremonies that honored the spirits of nature. This spring is all about celebrating nature and the renewal of life by adding fresh and bright colors to your indoor spaces. You can choose deep or bright reds or the many varieties of pastel colors.

3. Decorate with Floral Prints

In continuing with the theme of renewal, new beginnings and new growth, consider decorating your home with a few floral prints. You can update your couch with a floral print count cover or choose a few floral print pillows. You can also decorate with floral print table runners and tablecloths.

4. Freshen Your Walls by Hanging Some Decorative Wall Art

Next, add some decorative wall art, like natural landscapes, paintings of rustic or historic buildings and abstract art that uses spring colors. Adding wall art can help add visual interest to your walls and brighten your interior spaces.

5. Introduce Natural Materials

After you’ve completed the process of brightening your space and adding decorative wall art, it’s time to add contrast with natural materials. Consider adding a few wicker or woven baskets. If you have pets, these are great places to store your dog or cat’s favorite toys. Next, add some wooden accents to your walls. Once you complete this step, your home should start to feel like a bright and airy nature wonderland.

6. Increase Natural Light by Sprucing Up Your Windows

Next, take a look at your windows. If you’re still using your heavy, insulating curtains in order to keep the heat in your home and lower your heating bills, it’s time to switch them out for lighter, brighter and more airy versions. Consider using sheer curtains or bamboo blinds to give your windows a new look this spring. Not to mention, the lighter window treatments will make it easier for you to open your windows and let fresh air into your home.

7. Add Warmth with Candles

Spring nights can still get a little chilly. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere by adding a few large and small jar candles. You can even increase the ambiance by choosing candles in springtime scents, like lavender, rose or citrus. In fact, did you know that the scents of lavender and rose can help reduce stress and anxiety and help improve the quality of your sleep? Using citrus scents can help cleanse and freshen the air by removing unwanted odors. Citrus can also improve your mood, energy levels and focus.

8. Create Defined and Themed Spaces

If your home has a great room or an open floor plan, you can still create cozy, themed spaces by experimenting with texture and color. Consider adding brightly colored rugs to your seating and dining areas to help define those spaces and set the theme. For example, you could lay a fruit-themed rug under your dining table and chairs and perhaps a tree-themed rug near your entertainment area.

9. Spruce Up Your Indoor/Outdoor Transition Spaces

Do you have sliding glass doors and a backyard patio that you haven’t seen for months? If you do, it’s time to give them both the spring treatment. If you didn’t change out the blinds or curtains covering your patio doors when you changed your window treatments, now is the time to do it. Choose light airy fabrics or blinds in spring colors. Next, place a few potted plants next to your patio doors to help bring the outdoors inside.

10. Add a Touch of Rustic Charm to Your Patio

With spring coming, it’s time to dust off your outdoor furniture and add a few rustic accents, like distressed wood tables and vintage-style outdoor lighting that runs on solar. Adding these touches to your outdoor patio space can help give it a charming spring feel while encouraging you to spend more time outdoors.

11. Freshen Up Your Bed and Bedroom

When updating your home for spring, don’t forget about your bedroom. Change out your sheets, blankets and comforters, opting for light, bright colors or floral prints. If you have a four-post bed, consider adding some faux vines to give it more of a spring feel. You may even want to add a floral border to your walls to give them more of a spring feel.

12. Add Some Spring to Your Home Office

When getting your home ready for spring with fresh décor, don’t forget about your home office. If you’re like many of us, you’ve embraced the work-from-home culture, but you may not have had time to properly decorate your office for productivity and focus. If your office is full of dark colors or is just a single color, add splashes of color with textiles and paintings in spring colors. This can help give your office visual focus points and add interest.

13. Place Some Potted Plants

For the spring of 2023, potted plants are back in style. Along with your springtime floral prints and pastels, potted plants can help add color to your indoor spaces. Consider purchasing tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, pansies and primroses and adding the plants to several rooms of your home. This can add depth and help bring nature into your indoor spaces.

The spring of 2023 is all about growth, new beginnings, rejuvenation and getting back to nature after the long, cold winter. Your indoor and outdoor décor should create a fresh, clean space, bring the outdoors indoors and help motivate you to create a healthy, stress-free and active lifestyle while still giving you the spaces you need to relax and unwind after a hectic day.

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