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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Challenges President Biden Over Inflation

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The White House and Amazon founder Jeffrey Bezos are in a feud that’s playing out on social media for all to see. It all began over a tweet from President Biden on May 13, 2022. The tweet stated that if the country was going to control the enormous inflation, then the wealthiest needed to pay their fair share of taxes to help stop the issue.

Bezos didn’t take too kindly to the President’s outcry to tax the wealthy corporations, and he responded with a tweet in return. He stated that the proverbial “Disinformation Board” should review the President’s statements. Additionally, he retorted that it’s okay to talk about raising taxes and that he needed to focus on inflation, but the two shouldn’t be intermingled.

He believes the President is misleading the American people as these are two separate issues that need to be addressed individually and not meshed into one. The President and White House Staff found the comments offensive, and they responded with another tweet. Representative Andrew Bates responded, and he snapped that it’s the wealthiest people on earth who seem to have no plan for the middle-class folks.

Making Dollars and Sense of the Soap Opera

The childish game of back and forth really isn’t getting the country anywhere, as they’re just arguing over issues that don’t have much of an impact on them personally. Bezos would come out on this issue when Amazon didn’t pay anything in corporate taxes for many years. So, why does this issue hit so close to home?

The American people are feeling the stings of inflation so mightily. Buying groceries and gas is becoming increasingly difficult for the average person, and things aren’t getting any better. Analysts have called the heated issue a soap opera where everyone’s talking about it, but nothing’s moving too fast towards a resolution.

Bezos is not totally wrong in his statements, though most take the issue more with the delivery. The problems are separate and should be addressed individually rather than lumped into one. Taxes would only impact the inflation matters in the short term, but there must be a long-term solution, or the struggling people aren’t going to get any relief.

Addressing taxing these wealthy corporations can be used in a long-term projection to help curb future issues, but it’s going to do very little right now to help those who desperately need answers.

The Story Behind the Story

The tweets certainly have got the public’s attention, but is there something more behind the scenes that folks don’t know about? The President recently invited one of the individuals organizing the union against Amazon to come and speak with him. So, to say there’s a bit of bad blood between the two is an understatement.

Now it seems that everyone is getting in on the action and injecting their opinion into the matter as an argument is to be made. While Bezos is no longer the CEO of Amazon, he still has a protected interest in the company he created from the ground up.

The impact that taxing wealthy corporations would have on the current inflation issues is minimal. It’s unrealistic to think that putting such a tax in place will fix the problem. Experts don’t understand why Jeff Bezos is so upset about this right now, and it’s not like he hasn’t been through much worse in the past, and why the sudden urgency to speak out?

It’s been duly noted that he seems to be more vocal since he isn’t the CEO. However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that he owns The Washington Post, so he can use that platform to get his message out anytime he wants. Is his recent activity on Twitter a ploy to get more people to turn to the newspaper to follow up? Many are jumping on board with this theory as it makes the most sense.

How Does Elon Musk Play into This?

Some experts theorize that Bezos is jealous of all the attention Elon Musk is receiving over his recent acquisition of Twitter. Others argue that Musk is behind the scenes poking and prodding delicate issues to get attention to his troubled site. He paid too much for the site, and obviously, he has cold feet after the purchase.

His shock over the bot issues is apparent, which is a widely known problem with Twitter. It was an irrational purchase before any big tech companies, and others started to fall. So, Musk may be kicking up all kinds of drama and fueling the fire to bring more attention to a very troubled social media site. However, there’s just too much going on behind the scenes with Amazon for this to be all about Musk and creating a perfect storm.

The President released the last tweet, so Twitter users are just waiting for a reply from Bezos. Will he respond or let it die? It remains to be seen.

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